New HP Pavilion battery failure?


Dec 10, 2016
I have a new laptop I bought less than a month ago. I left it powered off (not plugged in, mind you, so this shouldn't be a problem) for four days when I went to Hawaii. I have confirmation from a member of my family staying home that this laptop has not been exposed to averse conditions of any sort. It's been off the entire time, and no one has messed with it. My parents aren't big into technology, and they would've asked me if they could use it first. That, and they don't know how to use Windows 10.

However, when I returned home and powered on my laptop, I noticed that the estimated time the battery would last was MUCH lower than normal -- approximately three hours, when the laptop originally had 7 when I left. I run it on battery saver mode, and I haven't been doing anything different otherwise.

It's been one day, and I've let it run down and recharged it more than once to see if it was just a fluke, as well as restarting it several times. It's down to two hours total. Every time I charge it, the time the battery lasts goes down.

I repeat, have not even had this laptop for a month. It's a brand new HP Pavilion, model number 15-au123cl.

Does this classify as a battery failure? I'm mainly asking because it's covered by the warranty if it's the case. If not, I would really like to know some steps I can take to potentially reduce this issue, because I bought this laptop for its battery life.

Thank you so much to anyone that can help.
My advice is to remove the battery if it is a removable one ... then power up the laptop on mains power. Once it boots pop the battery back in and wait til fully charged.

If this does not reset the battery life meter then take it back fr warranty repair ... one of the cells may have died in the battery.
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