New laptop needed


Nov 15, 2007
Hello, I am going to buy a new laptop in the next week or so. my old asus G71Gx w/ Core 2 duo X9100 @ 3.3ghz, 6 gigs ram and GTX 260m bought in 2009 just too slow.

Looking for something with 6820HK, 16gigs ram, 17.3" screen with GTX 1080 around $2200 or less .

Does any one know of any good deals on a laptop with a GTX 1080 in it?? Should i wait for Black Friday / cyber Monday?

The best deal I can find right now is an MSI GT83VR w/ 6820hk, 64gigs ram (i don't need that much), 512GB SSD m.2 and dual/SLI 1070's for 1900$

Should I wait to see if there are any good deals for a 1080 laptop or grab up the MSI one.