New laptop running at super high cpu usages


Jan 22, 2016
So this is my mothers laptop, it's an Asus E402M. She has had it for maybe a month or two. There is no viruses, no adware, pretty much nothing installed and yet cpu usages are through the roof. It is running on Windows 10 as bought. I can't find anything wrong with it but Windows is constantly freezing, Firefox is constantly freezing, pretty much everything is freezing. I can't find any reason as to why it is running so poorly, it is a brand new laptop. Sometimes it will be calm, but usually it will be at 90 - 100 % CPU usage according to Task Manager. Right now as I am typing this it is running fine, but while I was typing the title Firefox froze up with only this tab running. I am at a loss to finding what the problem is. I've gotten rid of the bloatware, there surprisingly wasn't much of it considering how it usually is when buying a new laptop. The laptop is as clean as anything yet when running barely anything the laptop will freeze. I'm seriously at a loss.

I've had it running for at least an hour or so now. It has calmed down quite a lot. This is the longest I have personally been using it. I haven't asked my mother about her experience with this laptop and I can't at the moment because it is 2am. It still can't be normal to be running at high cpu usage in the first hour though can it? A few years ago when I had a laptop, when it first started up it was fine. Nowadays I have quite a powerful desktop so I don't run into these problems. There has to be a reason to the poor performance though.


Jan 22, 2016

Usually Firefox with just one tab open, task manager itself, then System and some other things I honestly can't remember. Right now once again it is running smoothly, it just hiccups a fair bit.
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