New to Laptop Gaming


Sep 18, 2012

I end up traveling quite a bit for work but I still like to sit down and get my game on. Currently I play WoW (pre-purchased MoP) and D3. I'd really like to snag Boarderlands 2 but i'm pretty sure my Asus Aspire 5560 series won't be able to handle that.

I'm starting to get some feel for laptops but researching them isn't as easy as for desktop components.

The heart of my question is what can I get for under or about $1000.

I'd like to have a 17.3" screen.

I want to play the previously listed games at a reasonable resolution. Doesn't have to be ultra but high at least would be great.

This one has a price that I like with an nVIDIA GTX 560M graphics card.

This one is a bit pricier, about $300 more (200 if you ever get the mail in rebate)

Given what I want to play, will there be a noticible performance difference? I'm also wide open to other suggestions