News New Xbox Series X appears to have leaked — and it comes with a key improvement and a refreshed look


Feb 3, 2021
“I’m somewhat spectacle about that claim …”

… and I’m skeptical of Tom’s Guide utilizing any grammar-checking software.😊


Dec 15, 2016
Makes sense since the series s sold more and it's entirely possible that since Microsoft is waiting an extra year for whatever is "next" when whatever is new launch's they could get rid of the s and know the x down to that price.

Waiting until 2025 would allow them to not only leap frog anything Sony has performance wise but probably 50% but it will also be cheaper to make with the final benefit being by the time Sony is ready to launch the PS6 Microsoft could refresh their hardware with a "pro" which gets them back in line with each other.

I imagine the next Xbox will be Zen5 which is a staggering performance uplift vs Zen 2 and they will pair that with rdna5 which should have significantly higher RT performance and also have no issues using ML to handle upscaling but not having dedicated hardware for that isn't an issue assuming you plan for it but AMD can't hold off that uarch change for much longer
Apr 6, 2024
Really want to impress me?

Allow me to store purchased games and game saves on a local NAS instead of forcing me to buy over priced hardware upgrades!

$250+ USD for only 2 TB of expansion when a 10 TB WD Red Pro is going for $200? Seriously?!

This should be a native feature.