Newer and better


Dec 7, 2009
What is the new/better equivilent to the z-5500 in today's market. I know that the z-5500 was one of the best sound systems you could get for your money back in 2005 maybe before that, i would do the research on my own but i dont have the time to if you could help me out i would appriciate it.


The best sound system is one that you buy second hand, from a thrift store, or at a garage sale. You fix it up, clean it, install new foam on the speakers, etc...
you find a used electronic crossover and a used 5.1 amp, tri- amp it stereo, with a mono sub woofer.

and be sure to look for equipment that used to be really expensive (when it was new) and now takes up too much space, so that it is being sold for practically nothing.
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