Nikon D3300 Vs Panasonic Fz1000


Jan 15, 2007
Please can anyone give me advice on the best option between a Nikon D3300 with a Tamron 18 to 300mm VR piezo zoom lens Vs a Panasonic Fz1000. Quality is first priority, frames per second second, versatility third. Thanks folks.


Mar 16, 2016
Quality will depend a lot on skill. These things don't come with a "make art" button.
A DSLR is more capable than a super-zoom.
The all-in-one lens is the best way to reduce the quality of a DSLR's images.
Frames per second is stupid. If you really need high speed and quality, spend a couple of grand on a sports lens and a sports body. Might want to take some lessons so your images turn on too.

The fz1000 is a great all-around (mediocre) camera. It has a larger sensor than most small cameras. It does not have any weather sealing, so be cautious in rain or dust.

The d3300 is a decent starter DSLR. Glueing a 18-300 lens on it is not the path to good photography nor how to get the most out of your camera.

If you want to learn photography and take the best quality photos you are capable of, get a DSLR. For a starter DSLR, the d3300 is a good choice.

If you want to buy based on other goals or are simply not interested in putting the time in, get the fz1000 (or one of the Sony competitors).
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