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Feb 13, 2013
My son has given me an old Toshiba Satellite laptop with 4G of RAM, which originally had W7 on it. However, he has upgraded it to W10 together with Office 2010. He has now abandoned it because he says it’s far too slow. At the moment, for a reason I don’t understand, I am unable to do anything much with it, I can’t even do a disc-tidy or defrag it without the admin P/W, which he has lost, together with the Office key. I think that there is something basically wrong. I have tried to install Belarc to find all details, but can’t even do that without a P/W. If I wipe the laptop clean I shall at the very least lose Office.
a) Should I try to install W10 using my own DVD and the old W7 product key and hope that MS will accept it and do an upgrade to W10?
b) Somehow find the old or create another admin P/W?
c) Run the Toshiba W7 setup disc and forfeit Office?
d) Install a Linux OS?
Sorry this is such a saga, my preference is (b).
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