Question No Available Device Detected

Jul 27, 2021
I'm trying to pair a new Boombox to my Android 10.0 phone. I get Bluetooth, as per instruction, flashing on the screen. But the instructions say that the red "Pair/Standby" light will begin to flash. I doesn't flash. I'm sitting right beside the unit, but the unit doen't show as an available device. I've got close neighbours, and I'm picking up their devices, but not my device. The instructions say that when the device becomes recognized, it will show as TY-CWU500, which is the unit's model number. It should all be so simple. Do you think my boombox Bluetooth is defective? Any help would be welcome.

Thank you very much.....Dave
Aug 3, 2021
After switching the unit on, Press the [FUNCTION] button to set the Bluetooth functions of this unit into receiving mode.
“BLUETOOTH” is displayed and the [PAIR/STANDBY] indicator blinks. This is essential to pair the device.
If it does not blink, try to press and hold the [PAIR/ PLAY/PAUSE] button to reconnect the unit and device.
If you don't come right, the unit is possibly faulty.
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