Solved! No beeping Sound No Sound....!

Jun 24, 2020
With due respect!
My laptop is not making any sound no bios beeping sound no startup sounds nothing but the window is running fine no other problem....!
I have downloaded driver from the site but no sound is produced...Also there is no sound,video and game controllers listed in device manager....!
How do i know if it is a hardware problem or software....!Thanks a lot
My laptop is.....Toshiba Tecra M10 Core 2 2.53 GHZ
Windows 7 64 bit,,,,!
get into the BIOS and have a look for system beep volume
eventually you can find something else with audio/sound or similar to enable there

Get into device manager, take a screenshot and post it via

workaround would be an USB audio dongle like:

and external speakers/headphones

try booting with ubuntu live stick and try audio there
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