Non-Macbook laptop with best display


Jun 15, 2012
Hi guys, I am looking for a non-macbook laptop with a great display like that of a mac. I already have an iPad and am not looking for another tablet or an ultra portable. I want a 13"+ high quality display with great veiwing angles and the price is not a problem unless it is super expensive.

As part of my college, I have some heavy windows softwares and I have heard that bootcamp on mac is buggy with such large apps or newer games. Can you guys comment on that too.


Oct 8, 2012
if i understand it right... you want a good display for your laptop that can rival mac? Mac uses Glass coated screens... the only way you can get almost the same is the HP Specter series...if you just want wide viewing angles.. get a Matte screen..
Matte screen & glossy screens have no effect on viewing angles. Matte screens diffuses the light that reflects off of it. You do not get the harsh glare and you also do not see reflections so they are usable outdoors on a bright sunny day. The downside is that colors look flat in comparison to glossy screens. Glossy screens reflects light and have a mirrored finish. Not very usable outdoors on a bright sunny day unless you are in the shade.

Viewing angles depends on the LCD panel used in laptops and monitors. In laptops there are basically two types; TN and IPS. TN panels have very bad viewing angles, but they are inexpensive and have fast response times (2ms, 5ms) for games. IPS panels are expensive to manufacture, thus they make laptops more expensive. They have very wide viewing angles, and have reasonable fast response times (well, at least the ones in desktop monitors do) of 5ms, 6ms, or 8ms. The relatively inexpensive e-IPS panel tends to have the 8ms response time and while the viewing angles are much better than on TN panels, they are not as wide as other IPS panel techs.

It's been a while since I've looked for laptops with IPS panels, but I know HP's Elitebook has it as a $400 - $500 option on select models which generally cost at least $1,800 to start.