Not able to connect Home Theater and STB with TV


Aug 28, 2014
I have a LG 3D LED TV. 2 Years ago I bought that with an offer. Unfortunately, it has only one HDMI port. Now I bought Home Theater and Videocon D2h set top. But I am not able to connect both in my television and I want Set top Box sound to be in Home Theater. I called the Set Top Box technician and Home Theater Technician. Both were told, "There is an issue with your Television and your TV must have 2 or More HDMI port". With that only you will be able to get the good sound quality from home theater. So, I need to install 2 HDMI Portal. Today I called the LG television technician and he made me disappointed (can’t install 2 HDMI port). Can anyone give a solution to me to install 2 HDMI port?
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