Solved! Not able to Project Laptop to TV Via HDMI Cable

Apr 9, 2018
I am trying to project my Toshiba Laptop, model PSKK2U-04M04W, Windows 10, 64bit to my TV via HDMI. I have tried the steps below, and it still isn't working. I have a Display Adapter and I was able to duplicate, but my TV still didn't pick it up. I have a friend with an HP that is able to display to my TV. Any thoughts?
1. Open device manager (windows button, type device manager, enter);
2. Expand "Display Adapters";
3. There should be at least one entry and, hopefully, it doesn't have a yellow warning sign. If it does, then you probably will need to download the drivers. For that, we need to know your laptop's make and model;
4. If step 3 was clear, then try expanding the image (Windows button+"P"), chose duplicate.