Nvidia Price Reduction - shoudl I wait to purchase Laptop


Oct 29, 2013
Hi all

With Nvidia recent announcement of reduction in price of main desktop cards, do you think laptops with say a GTX770m in it, will reduce shortly?
I appreciate all new pc's and laptops reduce in time unless you keep improving the spec, but I do not 'need' it now and usually laptops reduce after Christmas anyway?
Bottom line if I wait until after Christmas there should be some 770M laptops say $150 cheaper than today? Eg ASUS 750JX
Thoughts and thanks
if they on sale at christmas or black friday/cyber monday, it's because of the holiday, I doubt their price cut is going to mean all products including mobiles. Right now their price crunch is to combat the new R series from AMD, so I think they'll be focusing on the 7xx/Titan series for price cuts.