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Sep 12, 2004
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Recently I was going through my old games and found an Odyssey^2 game
of Monkeyshines! This game looks normal, except that on the outer spine
there is a silver label with what appears to be Japanese writing and a
second instruction manual in the box that is black and white and also
appears to be in Japanese. The qustion is: Is this the standard
packaging of the game, and is it worth anything to a collector?

Thanks in advance for any info.


Archived from groups: rec.games.video.classic (More info?)

Nice find! That's how O2 games were packaged for the Japanese market.
They were sold this way in Japan, but do turn up in Japanese-speaking
areas of the U.S. sometimes.

Here's some more info from my web site:

In Japan, the Odyssey² was distributed by Kooton Trading Taitari
Enterprises (a division of DINGU company) -- which I suspect was a
Japanese toy company -- starting in December 1982. Kooton imported
American Odyssey² games as-is, making only slight changes to the
packaging before putting them up for sale in the Japanese market. The
primary alteration was the addition of a pale or metallic rectangular
sticker on the side of each game box. These stickers contained writing
in katakana, the phoenetic Japanese alphbet used to print foreign
words. Other than the katakana stickers, the only difference between
Japanese and American Odyssey² games is the inclusion of a folded,
cheaply-made manual printed in Japanese. The Japanese manuals are
black-and-white only, and their print quality is so low that they
almost look photocopied. Obviously, Kooton spared no expense in
producing them!

- William
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