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  1. B

    Solved! My microphone is not working, picking up only static. (I'm using Classic Miniso Headphones)

    My microphone is not working, picking up only static. (I'm using Classic Miniso Headphones). It also receives the PC Audio for some reason.
  2. M

    Classic Arcade game

    There is this classic game where u play with a small guy shooting to survive thru stages, sumtyms he eats shield to protect him and he runs a lil faster and its stages are sort of galactic.the game is fun just forgot the name
  3. L

    Light fitting bulb

    Hi. This may sound like a silly question by I am new at this. Can I buy Phillips hue bulb for my ceiling light fitting. The light fitting takes 60w classic es Edison eco halogen bulbs. Thanks for helping a newbie.
  4. E

    Solved! Snes classic in hdmi crt

    I tried to connect my snes classic to an hdmi crt tv but it don’t work. The tv is a jvc i’art pro av-30w585 2005
  5. Terriss99

    Xbox One X 5.1 surround input issue

    Hello good people. So, I have been suffering from the classic issue of my Xbox One X refusing to output 5.1 surround via the HDMI cord. Whenever I try to do so, I get an error message saying something to the effect of "cannot output to 5.1 audio as receiver not compatible." Any attempts I...
  6. S

    Nes classic help

    Hey everyone! so as the titles states, this is a small problem regarding the NES classic... but other than not knowing what other category to put it under, I am starting to believe it may just be a windows 10 workaround so bare with me please :) I am trying to flash it in order to add more...
  7. M

    Wireless headphones are making background noise

    So I bought new wireless headphones (Sony WH-CH500) the problem that I have is that in some songs I have background noise and in others I don't have. Basically it happens when I have sections of music where the song is really strong in terms of dynamics. Let's say for instance the songs that...
  8. E

    Classic Earphone cracking on load sound (Just if there is bass) on Amplifier

    I've been using Edifier H185 classic earphones for years and they were just amazing. No matter what device I used them on, or what amplifier - they just sound great every time. Recently a kid broke its wire and it was time to get a new one. I wanted to try out new earphones and first I bought...
  9. O

    how to connect consoles to laptops

    i have a new Snes classic console. i also dont own a tv. together i can play the games. this works fine, however i am about to go a holiday that involves long train rides where i dont have access to a tv/minitor. is there anyway to plug my Snes classic into my laptop. note my laptop is a lenovo...
  10. 1

    ipod classic will not work when car play is on

    ipod classic and car play
  11. K

    Looking for a laptop with classic keyboard

    I'm looking for reasonably priced laptop to replace my Dell laptop I've had for many years. I prefer the raised keyboard or classic keyboard I think they're called. I want at least 12 or 13 inch monitor. I just need it for personal use, basic use. No games or anything like that. Thanks for...
  12. Rafael Mestdag

    How to make Media Player Classic or VLC or some other video player remember the playlist position?

    I can't find any option to make either MPC or VLC to remember the playlist position it was last in, I mean the actual file it was playing in the list. If I close MPC or VLC and I was watching the 3rd file, whenever I double-click the playlist file again it will start from the first file on the...
  13. B

    Keyboard keys are wrong

    There's a problem with my keyboard. It's not the classic nun lock key. When I type a it shows b z=y 1=2 I rarely use my laptop and just had this problem. It also show the same problem on an external keyboard. How do I fix this
  14. A

    start menu missing

    Someone help me please im usually use classic start menu on my laptop.Now those setting were missing and i cant change back it to classic start menu and stick on windows 8 start menu.
  15. RightHereBro

    Best In Ear Headphones Under 50 Euro's

    I want to wear them for hours so they must be very comfortable, this is one reason which i choose in ear over regular headphones.I am listening in every kind of music but mostly Hip-Hop,Rock, Instrumental,Pop,Trap...I want good bass but not too much.(I have razer kraken pro headphones and the...
  16. Rafael Mestdag

    What's the best Video Player: VLC or Media Player Classic?

    I've been using MPC ever since I can remember, but I have to admit that VLC seems to produce a better image. Is it only an impression? Which is best? By the way, the main disadvantage I see in VLC is that it doesn't come with a function to continue the video files where you left off, like MPC...
  17. G

    best Media Players + codec packs

    Hello On my old Athlon computer for nearly ten years I used media play classic (MPC) together with its included codec packs. Never had a problem with it. Will I get better picture quality with other newer players, even players that you have to buy? Is there any reason why I shouldn't just go...
  18. R

    upgrade from 5.1 to 7.2

    I bought an energy take 5.1 classic and im wondering if i can use this sound system model BDV E870 and use the 2 speakers and the subwoofer with it. I have a receiver that's 7.2 ready.
  19. Zero_Lancer

    Having trouble connecting Subwoofer to receiver

    So I just recently bought a Yamaha RX-V577 receiver and an Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home Theater System But i'm...
  20. J

    windows 8 will not sinc my ipod classic

    I have just bought a new computer with windows 8, when I plug my I pod in ITunes recognizes it but doesn't sync anything to it.
  21. A

    Media player classic Subtitles

    Subtitles don't appear on MPC - HC and "load subtitle " is grey :S Thanks in advance
  22. M

    How would i connect these to my pc?

    i am planning to get the energy take classic 5.1 speakers i am wondering how will i connect them to my pc and still be able to get 5.1 sound. This is my pc build Will i need an av receiver to connect them?
  23. MrJak

    Need Classic CDR201 Remote Code (4 digit GE)

    I have Classic CDR201 and I don't have the romte for it. I have checked this site for a code to work on my GE universal remote, and none worked, but at least one -- I believe 0401, the record button on the remote to change the CD to track 6. If anyone has had any luck with this particular...
  24. T

    my nokia 2600 classic i have forgot my code please me

    My nokia 2600 phone has forgot the code plrase help me
  25. N

    Nero Classic 2015?

    Hello Everyone. Just wondering if anyone has had the same problem please? I bought and installed Nero classic 2015 yesterday and today i was Transcoding/burning a DVD, While i was doing the above i noticed on the little performance monitor i have on my desktop which comes with my SystemCare 8...
  26. S

    What is Classic Shell?

    I bought a new laptop, it came with a program called Classic Shell. What is it, and do I need it in order to use my laptop?
  27. R

    old classic ipod stopped syncing suddenly

    My Ipod was working fine, but about a week ago it stopped syncing. The computer shows it as connected, recognizes it. I have had problems with the usb ports in the past, could it be that I need a new connection, even though the device is saying it is connected?
  28. S

    Media Player "Classic"

    Hi. Firstly, before I start that, how can I disable the very annoying "Maximize[sic] your chances of being answered. Please write-correctly and politely (no short text messaging)" messages? I am not an invalid. I know how to type messages. How can I see things...
  29. G

    Nokia 6120 Classic: City Bloxx lag

    I have a Nokia 6120 classic, and the game City Bloxx(the Symbian S60 version of Tower Bloxx) is bundled with it. Unfortunately, it lags heavily. If I play it for a while without exiting it, the lag will eventually decrease. However, if I close the game and run it again, it will usually resume...
  30. lmaonade200

    Media Player Classic isn't working?

    So about a week ago, Media Player Classic worked like a charm (have that K-lite codec pack and stuff but that's not what the problem is) recently, it hasn't been working, when I try to open up a video file or even just open up the MPC interface itself nothing happens, tried running in...
  31. Tuvs

    windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device, ipod classic

    HI all:), the prob is exactly the title i plug in my "new" ipod which i bought from ebay, and my pc goes 2 install the driver and i get that message, windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device ipod classic, plz help any ideas... I tried following this person...
  32. A

    Take Classic 5.1 Home Speakers and Xonar Essence STX

    Hello everyone recently i have bought the take classic 5.1 speaker set and after about a month of having no idea how to set them up i finally have. But i have encountered many problems along the way. I have been able to fix them all without any help but right now i am stuck and this is my last...
  33. s-h-a-w-n

    Real black with Mediaplayer Classic

    Hi, I watch a lot of videos on my computer and I always noticed that the darkest black in the videos are not as dark as the side bars, see my exemple: Do you know an option in Mediaplayer Classic (or VLC) I could use to get the best contrast possible from my videos? Thank you!
  34. R

    Laptop Screen is not detected, cant figure out why

    Hi Friday night of last week I was watching the classic 1989 Batman on my laptop and shut it down in the early hours of the morning. When I woke up on saturday morning and switched it on, the screen was not working although there was plenty of activity otherwise. I am currently in France, away...
  35. A

    Accidentally screwed up Firefox's UI, how to undo the change?

    I accidentally pressed a combination of keys, which changed the UI from the default type. Here's what my messed up UI looks like: Here's what it used to look like (Btw, I'm using Windows 7, Classic theme. I've also disabled the Aero glass eyecandy before the UI screwup):
  36. G

    Restore the Windows 7 Interface in Windows 8

    Tired of Metro? Restore the classic Windows interface with these Windows 8 apps! Restore the Windows 7 Interface in Windows 8 : Read more
  37. JMcEntegart

    Hasbro Acquires Rights to Make Real-life Tetris Game

    A classic video game is coming to life. Hasbro Acquires Rights to Make Real-life Tetris Game : Read more
  38. Z

    Media Playe Classic .mp4 error

    Hello, I've had this issue for a while now with Media Player Classic when playing .mp4 files. It doesn't always happen but it happens enough that it's finally caused me to try and find a solution. Enclosed is a link to the error message I receive upon MPC freezing...
  39. A

    Flickering video issue.

    Hello! :D I've been seeing flickering video in Media Player Classic. It happens fairly frequently and never occurs with other media player like VLC. I've used both the latest build of Media Player Classic Home Cinema and the 1.60 version but the problem persists. I also tried turning on...
  40. H

    Nokia 6120 classic software

    Hello, is nokia 6120 play HD video
  41. G

    Save messages to PC

    Hello, I have Nokia 2700 Classic phone and have PC suite of version . I went thru the PC suite but couldn't find an option save messages to my PC. Thanks, Girish
  42. G

    10 Classic PC Games Begging For A Remake

    Old PC games make us nostalgic, so we dreamed up a wish list of titles that we'd like to see reborn with modern sensibilities. Which would you pick? 10 Classic PC Games Begging For A Remake : Read more
  43. U


    hello, my name is Antonio, I am a current subscriber of UO Classic/Mondain Legacy. My old computer crashed. I need to re-install UO Classic/Mondain Legacy to my new computer. Please Help.
  44. J

    Restriction code for Nokia 1680 Classic

    Hello, I just bought this fone for my son, Nokia 1680 Classic, I charged it up n he bought it ova to me n it said "enter restriction code?" but i have np idea wat it is or whereto find it! Ive entered 0000 n 123456 000000 n none of these work, can u help pleeeese?? Thanx in advance :)
  45. S

    IPod Classic Sync Issues - Tried everything!

    My old iPod classic would not sync with iTunes, It would maybe sync the first 30 songs out of my 2000 and then iTunes would freeze and no other songs could be synced. After messing around with the iPod I decided to buy a new one, which I did. It has the exact same issue, I cannot sync all my...
  46. O

    Yamaha NS-SP1800BL vs Energy 5.1 Take Classic Home, worth the upgrade?

    I currently own the Yamaha NS-SP1800BL speakers. They have the best reviews under $200. I am using Onkyo TX-SR507 5.1-Channel A/V Surround Home Theater Receiver. I am thinking of buying the Energy 5.1 Take Classic as an upgrade which has the best reviews under $400. Is it really an upgrade...
  47. yasir siddiqui

    I want to enable Classic Menu in office 2010

    I want to enable "Classic Menu" in office 2010 like "Office 2003"
  48. exfileme

    GTA 3 Coming to Android, iOS "This Fall"

    Rockstar is bringing its classic Grand Theft Auto III game to specific iOS and Android devices, possibly next week. GTA 3 Coming to Android, iOS "This Fall" : Read more
  49. JMcEntegart

    Rumor: Apple to Discontinue iPod Classic and Shuffle

    Now that Amazon's mystery press conference is out of the way, we're eagerly awaiting Apple's October 4 iPhone 5 event. However, will Apple also be saying goodbye to a couple of devices this year? Rumor: Apple to Discontinue iPod Classic and Shuffle : Read more
  50. sparker781

    Classic Menu

    I have Classic Menu For Office 2007 and they have a new version out for Office Professional 2010. I uninstalled the old version of the app and upgraded to the newer version of Office 2010 however when I try and install the Classic Menu's application I get a message about an invalid key. Not...
  51. S

    Media Player Classic and middle mouse button issue

    Hi I have a windows 7 and whenever I play anything on Windows Media Player Classic, the middle mouse button does not work as a vertical scroll in my web browser (firefox), but instead shows a horizontal scroll but does not scroll the web pages. How can I fix this problem? I hope that was...
  52. D

    Bass master classic instruction manual snes

  53. in_core

    Difference between "Media Player Classic" and "Home Cinema"

    What is the difference between "Media Player Classic" and "Media Player Classic Home Cinema"
  54. T

    Connecting a PC to the Internet using nokia 2730 classic.

    Hi all and thank you for taking an interest in my question. :) I have a cellular device called "nokia 2730 classic" and as far as I know most cell-phones are also a type of a modem. I would like to know what do I have to do inorder to connect my PC to the Internet using nokia 2730 classic(like...
  55. G

    iPad Converted to Classic Arcade Machine

    The question is, how on earth will your iPad accept quarters? iPad Converted to Classic Arcade Machine : Read more
  56. exfileme

    VIDEO: Super Mario on PC Using Kinect

    It's the classic Super Mario Bros. game using an NES emulator and Kinect. VIDEO: Super Mario on PC Using Kinect : Read more
  57. G

    EcoDrive Brings Long-Awaited Bicycle Upgrades

    Finally, the classic pedal pusher gets some much-needed upgrades. EcoDrive Brings Long-Awaited Bicycle Upgrades : Read more
  58. G

    Morgan Motors' Threewheeler is Back!

    The 3-wheeled classic is back, and better than ever. Morgan Motors' Threewheeler is Back! : Read more
  59. exfileme

    Classic PC Game 7th Guest Coming to iOS

    Trilobyte is back with a port of its classic CD-ROM game, The 7Th Guest. Classic PC Game 7th Guest Coming to iOS : Read more
  60. G

    WaSaBi's Mokudigi Wooden iPhone Case

    These classic wood cases just got more stylish. WaSaBi's Mokudigi Wooden iPhone Case : Read more