Wireless headphones are making background noise

Jun 21, 2018
So I bought new wireless headphones (Sony WH-CH500) the problem that I have is that in some songs I have background noise and in others I don't have. Basically it happens when I have sections of music where the song is really strong in terms of dynamics.

Let's say for instance the songs that are in MP3 (taken from an online website) don't have that kind of problem while my WAV files do have that kind of problem.

Even if I copy from an original CD to WAV most of the times it will have a background noise that I can't describe quite well.

I also tried to convert the file from WAV to MP3 but it didn't work at all I still had the same noise. Maybe it's because the speed of transmission it's too high that the headphones can't handle it, maybe the recordings are old (I listen mostly to classical music from old recordings)

I don't have anything that is between my headphones and my phone.