office 2003 product key


May 16, 2012
I have 5 PCs with office 2003 on them using 2 x legal office 2003 (3 user) discs and all registered with Microsoft. I have had to rebuild one pc and hit it lucky as when I registered it again with Microsoft I didn't lose its use on any of the others. I now have to rebuild my 2 old xps as HDDs have died.. Now I don't know which disc is on which PC and don't want to just load the software and get it authorised only to find out that it no longer works on one of the others as I will have reached my 3 users limit with the change. Does anyone know how I get the product key from the PCs without going to a download site that will download a virus?? Don't want new office software as we only use the basics in Excell and Word.