Office computer reverts to "saved" settings on reboot

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Oct 15, 2010

At the place where I work, the computers we are using seem to always revert back to an "image" or back-up when they are rebooted. I was simply wondering how it worked.

For example, if I were to install a program on the C: directory, let's say Google Chrome, when I next reboot, it would be gone.

Were I to unistall a program, the same thing would happen.

If I delete something, it will reappear when it next reboots.

How does that work ?
What kind of program is it ?
And how is it that the boot time is not longer than a normal computer, if it reverts back to a previous image/backup/copy of the C: drive ?

There is a second drive on my workstation, and that one is unaffected. Whatever I place there is still there once I've rebooted.

Thanks inputs/ideas on the matter !
My guess is it's using virtual folders or a virtual drive. Heck, the whole OS may be a VM (virtual machine) in which case all you need to do is reboot to the last snapshot.
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