Solved! Old HDMI Switch Damaged 4K Port

Jul 1, 2019
Hello everyone. I'm new here. Normally, I would never post my problems on the Internet as I'm always able to find out the solutions online. But this time, I give up.

Basically, I have the same exact problem as this poster here: Issue with an HDMI splitter : PS4
Note: He edited in the end that it was a Switch, not a splitter.

So in a nutshell, PS4 (Slim) was working fine all along, installed a VERY old hdmi switch (Brand RCA), didn't work, then uninstalled hdmi switch and connected PS4 directly to monitor, like before, but now no signal at all.

I tried everything. Trust me. Nothing works. I've been researching this problem for 4 days. There is nothing I haven't tried (I think).

IMPORTANT: I have ACER DM431K 4K HDR Monitor. 4K60p HDMI port doesn't work, but the 2 other HDMI ports work fine. However, my old PC that doesn't support 4K works fine on the 4K60 port. My newer PCs and my PS4 (tried 2 PS4s) didn't work at all. No signal. Nada.

So basically, I've given up. Before I go ahead and return the monitor, do you guys have any suggestions/thoughts on what went wrong and how to solve this? Returning this would be a nightmare for me, as this was special order from my local store. I waited forever to get this delivered. They would need to send this for RMA and wait for Acer to ship the replacement. That could take 3-6 months based on the time it took for me to get it the first time.

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance guys!