Solved! On the Subject of Bluetooth

John Madison

Feb 19, 2014
Products involved:
Vizio E-65
Monster HDTV Wireless Headphone Kit from Walmart (Transmitter and headphones)

Recently bought this kit, right? I've got a soundbar and whatnot, I have the Xbox, There is the headphone potential.
I've been wishing for a wireless go between honestly, and figured this kit would be the way, admittedly did no research beforehand and having looked couldn't find the answer to the questions I'd had, so I came here.

Alright so, obviously the end topic is that it's not working. Sound from the TV isn't going through my headphones, I've paired the over ear that came with the kit, I've paired a set of bluetooth earbuds, but when I'm watching or doing something on the TV, it's like the sound isn't coming through the transmitter and into my recievers (Phones and buds)

I'll be straight up, I don't know what I'm doing.
I have my soundbar working just fine. But I want headphone usage on this TV outside of having to turn the Xbox on and keep the controller on. I want dedicated bluetooth for the TV and I don't know what I'm doing. Not an audio guy.

The soundbar is through optical, it works so I know the TV isn't trash.

If it helps, the TV doesn't have a 3mm jack, the soundbar does, but I think that's to receive not output..
Anyway, TV doesn't have 3mm jack, so I used the included adapter, RED/WHITE. Isn't working.

Is there anyway anyone can help me out here?
I don't know if there's a setting on the TV I need to mess with or what here, I even tried to unplug the optical for the soundbar to see if it was overwriting permissions if you will. I don't know what I'm doing.

Much appreciated.

John Madison

Feb 19, 2014
It's unlikely that the headphone transmitter will accept a 5.1 bitstream input. Try changing the audio output type to PCM stereo in the TV audio menu.
I figured out what the issue was, I had the adapter (Red/White) placed on the jacks on the side of the TV, I moved them to the back where the optical was, there was a couple of jacks on the back, the moment I put the first plug in, I had sound. Quite clearly.

Thank you for the response, I greatly appreciate it!
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