News OnePlus 9 vs. iPhone 12: A very close battle

Jun 29, 2021
Is this a joke? "Fortunately, that trouble with color was just a one-off for the OnePlus 9. It handles this bowl of fruit with much greater aplomb, even if the oranges and apples in the foreground lose a little bit of focus. I think the iPhone 12 produces a superior shot, but the OnePlus 9 isn't too far off the mark here. " Are you dumb? Lying, or just know NOTHING about photography? The Oneplus picture is by FAR better, more in focus, and more vivid colors. The ONEPLUS photo has OUT OF FOCUS not blurred foreground. It's because where the camera auto focused and the aperture the camera selected. The Apple phone did the EXACT SAME THING. The apple phone just decided to focus a little more towards the front instead of the center LIKE IT SHOULD HAVE, so the BACKGROUND is OUT OF FOCUS. It's blatantly obvious to ANYONE with ANY photography knowledge. At least if they don't have their head up APPLES ASS :)