Onkyo RZ-1100 and LG 65UH7650 Odd HDMI Issue

Aug 26, 2018
Hi all,

I am having an odd issue with my receiver - hopefully someone could guide me in the right direction.

My receiver is hooked up pretty simply, just the main, hooked up to an LG UHD flat-screen (LG-65UH7650) , etc.

The issue is that both my PC and Amazon Fire HD TV will not show up on the TV screen at all - it looks like it is going to switch on, then goes to the screen saver - a couple of times it said "Invalid Format".

Both the Fire and PC worked fine previously. My Dish, audio PC and blue-ray player work fine now.

I checked the Amazon Fire TV (it is easier to unhook and move around) on a smaller TV. I plugged it in to the HDMI switch on the TV and it worked right away. I hooked up my gaming PC with a computer monitor and it worked also, so, it does not appear the Fire TV or the gaming PC are the issue - it is either the receiver or the TV.

I have the Onkyo HDMI out to the LG Flatscreen HDMI 2 (ARC in), then everything else to the receiver. HDMI 1 is the Blue Ray player, HDMI 2 is the Cable (Dish), HDMI 3 is the Fire, HDMI 4 is my gaming PC, HDMI 5 is my audio PC. HDMI 1, HDMI 2 and HDMI 5 are presently hooked up and working. Blue-ray is fine, Dish is fine and the Audio PC is fine.

HDMI 3 and 4 seem to be the problem,BUT, I hooked up the Fire to HDMI 1 and it did NOT work, although the Blue-Ray player does. I am sure it is not a cable issue because I have tried several, including the cable that is attached to the blue-ray. Simply, I turn on the blu-ray and I get output on the TV, I use the same cable to the Fire TV and it does not output an image.

So---it appears as if I have some odd HDMI issues. I have gone through all of the setup screens and nothing is unusual.

Bottom line: Fire TV and gaming PC work when plugged directly into other flat-screen TV, but will not work on HDMI plugged into receiver, when the Fire did work previously.
1. Check with Onkyo. Some of their receivers qualify for free HDMI repairs even if out of warranty.
2. HDMI requires the complete signal chain to meet specs to work. That means that a cable can work with some combination of equipment and not others. So you have to try different cables.