Open/Libreoffice calc: FInding specific data between two workbooks


Nov 12, 2017
Hello everyone,

I have an openoffice spreadsheet in which I have some data in data 1-workbook
which I want to find out from data2- workbook which has more rows and columns

Sample file linksample

Let say I want to search SNo.1 of data-1 in data 2 and auto-paste data found in data 2 to data 3-final with all the rows and colomuns of data 2.

How can I do that?

Unfortunately, the clicking your link flagged the sample file as "malicious". Stopped at that point.

Anyway, your requirement is much more suited to a database than a spreadsheet.

Probably doable via spreadsheets and some of the more powerful "lookup" functions etc. that are now available.

Likely to be cumbersome and any changes to the spreadsheets are likely to break things.

Here is a starter link regarding the database options available:

You can easily google for more similar links, explanations, and examples.

Read and test your way through the functions. Do so only on a copy of your spreadsheets and be sure that your test does not in anyway have any means to touch live data.

Then consider using the spreadsheet data as some RO (Read Only) Back-side data tables that are accessible by a Front-side database that performs the required lookups. Once the data is found the database side pastes the results into a new spreadsheet or table.

Plan it out and work step by step. Again - ensure that real data is safe.

Allows you to delete the test environment if things go astray so you can start over again if necessary.