Question Optical cable to AV out put

Mar 12, 2019
“I bought this Sony 100HT sound bar but my Sanyo TV (Full HD IPS LED TV XT-49S7200F) doesn't have optical output to connect soundbar, TV having only AV out put and HDMI 3 pots. what can I do to connect them together? if i need to buy an adapter which one should i buy?
Feb 16, 2019
But if the analog input to that converter is L/R, then the output will be as well. So the soundbar will only be getting L/R 2-channel stereo with no multi-channel "surround" sound. I think the objective is to get the digital, multi-channel surround signal to the soundbar. Can he take the source's digital output (cable box, SAT box, Blu-Ray, Playstation SPDIF, COAX, HDMI) and connect or blue-tooth it to the soundbar? Then he must switch between the sources he wants to connect for digital audio only. Use HDMI for video from source to TV and TOSLINK or COAX for audio from the sources to the soundbar. That's what i do with one of my A/V receivers (Yamaha Rx-V1) and it works fine.
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