Parrot's Anafi Drone Takes on the DJI Mavic Air

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Jul 18, 2018
Useful review-Thanks.
As a programmer (and Bebop2 owner), I like to take a peek under the hood of these little beasts.
The Flight Files they create get very little mention, and these are the basis of any flight analysis that can be done- either by the Parrot apps or any 3rd party. From what I can gather, no information is given out on these - they are not part of their (freely available) code libraries.
I cant complain however- at least they have not gone down the route of their compeditors and fully encrypt these flight files- credit due there. And the Bebop2 ones are reasonably easy to parse with a small amount of programming skills.

What I would like before moving to Anafi is to check out one of these flight files. And see if some of the notable omissions from the Bebop files are included in the Anafi's. They can be emailed from the app (as .json files) (or got directly from the drone over Wifi for more techy folk!)

If anyone cares to help. I will post my findings!
Not open for further replies.