Paying for 150 mbps receiving around 30 mbps on desktop

Andrew Oglesby

Aug 17, 2015
So back story and specs to follow. We recently moved and after the change of service address the internet speeds reduced. I am paying for the 150 boosted package and receiving 30-50 at most. I checked with my phone and am receiving similar speeds so am inclined to think that it is not my desktop. I have a work laptop and am also receiving similar speeds.
I have updated ALL drivers, with the install came new a new box rated at the correct speeds according to the installer and new lines from the walls. Ive shut down all background apps when running the speed tests and results don’t change. Additionally the internet cuts out periodically and if I disconnect and reconnect it comes back. Below are my desktop specs with speed test results.
Dell xps 8300
Intel i7-2600 sandygate @ 3.4 ghz
16 GB ram gtx 970
When I run the network diag below it shows no problems.
No internet
• Checking the network cables, modem, and router
• Reconnecting to Wi-Fi
• Running Windows Network Diagnostics



OK, if you're getting that when connected directly to the router, then there is an issue.

Your speedtest shows you're connect via IPv6.
Change that to IPv4.

Andrew Oglesby

Aug 17, 2015
interesting i disabled the wifi driver after reading another post I found on dell support something about the wifi on these dell 8300 xps overiding it increased to about 60-80 mbps and then i did the ipv 4 and first test shows 180+
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