pc speakers and headphones bad all of a sudden


Nov 1, 2014
I have a dell Inspiron 580. i5 650 @ 3.20GHz. 64 bit system.

Everything was find and then yesterday the speakers (Logitech Z313) lost all bass and sounded like it was in a tin can. kept messing with it and could not figure out what was wrong so I figured it was the speakers, but then I unplugged them from the computer and plugged them into my Ipod and they sounded great. amazing sound for the price. so I thought it might be a driver. I uninstalled my driver for my Nvidia High Definition Audio and reinstalled but it didn't help. I restarted the computer in safe mode, ran my spybot, superanti spyware, ccleaner and malwarebytes... nothing found. Ran a Full scan disk (which I ran over night because it takes 4+ hours) next day it sounded the same. So I got frustrated and decided to use my Bluetooth headset for the time being to game, but when they turned on they sound bad also. like there is no bass and in a tin can. the headset is run through the USB, I tried all ports and it sounds all the same.

I can not go back to an earlier date on my hard drive. there isn't any option and I never set up a recovery point. ( I know I should have).

My question is, could it be the sound card even though the headset is run through the usb? it sounds like a weird question but I can not figure out what else it could be. please help

Also my computer is a dell, but it is miss matched parts. new video card, power supply etc. one thing I haven't replaced is the sound card so it is about 6 years old. any other suggestions


Oct 28, 2016

Do you still have the onboard sound card for your PC? Or do you use a PCI sound card?

This sounds......looks rather strange. Are you sure you didn't set the sound enhancement to an incorrect setting in the Playback Devices menu?
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