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I do not know about those you mentioned but the Edifier R1280T sounds quite good for the price.
If you want something better, grab Nubert NuPro A-100 or Teufel Stereo M.


I also like the M-Audio speakers, I have two sets (don't use them now but my kids do). For music they are great, I used them with a TV and also as computer speakers for a short time. You are going in the right direction for speakers, I also would much rather have good sounding audio vs just going by power or bass amount. I like a "natural" sounding speaker, I found the M-Audio ones are good for that. So would pretty much any "studio speaker" or "monitor speaker".

Only reason I don't use them is the space they take up on the desk, I re-did my computer and the desk I am using just does not have the space for it.



The Nubert is unfortunately only in German
You can however find Teufel also in English:

Those are moving however more towards the mid-end.
If your budget is not that high, just check the Edifier I mentioned: