PC To Receiver Setup


Jul 13, 2013

I recently connected all my equipment to my receiver (Sony STR-DN1040) such as my PS3, computer monitor, and PC.

I routed everything through HDMI cables, and have the video going to my 24" monitor.

When I try to play music from my computer (Ie Winamp) I do not hear any sound. My computer is connected to the receiver from my video card (Nvidia 570) in input Video 1, and have the video output going through output A.

I tried changing my computers drivers (Realtek HD) settings to output through the HDMI but it doesn't seem to be helping. I also changed my receivers settings to only receive audio signals from VIDEO 1, but it still shows my desktop on that mode.

Is there anything else I can do?


When I have output set to nvidia drivers and have my receiver on VIDEO 1 and also have my monitor set to HDMI the sound output works. but as soon as I switch to my DVI settings for direct output from video card to monitor, the sound stops working.

http://i42.tinypic.com/2v12nw0.jpg here is an image of what my current sound settings look like with no sound playing.

Is there a way to have both sound playing from my computer, but have my monitor receiver video signals and my receiver only receiver sound signals?

just for clarification you only have one (1) single hdmi from your video card to your receiver?

just for clarification the default audio device is set to whatever your receiver is?

just for clarification is your monitor hooked up to the receiver (hdmi pass through) or to your gpu ? i'm guessing gpu via a seperate connection which would explain why you have issues.

you will want to have the one hdmi cable (or dvi to hdmi cable depending on your connections) from video card to receiver. then on the hdmi output of your receiver you would want to put the monitor.

is there a way to get output via video card and output via onboard sound at the same time? yes but you would need to use spdif optical or coax out (i'd use my single hdmi cable option though since its uncompressed that way for better sound. spdif is compressed via 5.1 (only uncompressed if 2.1 by optical)
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