Solved! Pc went weird after installing program

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Mar 19, 2021
Hey all. I need abit help.

I just installed Adobe illustrator from piratebay. And I got notified is a virus however is too late. All Web browser. System restore etc once you open it it closes back. On program files folder you can see weird looking names like juggernaut, pride, eleandor, haggart. Can find these running on background too.

I'm knew I'm in trouble so I tried end task all of them. And used reset pc. And now reinstalling Windows.

Anyone know what this kind of virus is? Anything I should be wary of?

Any help would be appreciated tia


Tom's Guide does not support any form of software piracy. None. Period.

If you "steal" content/apps, you should be prepared to lose everything. This is exactly how ransomware and other nasties get passed around. Hopefully you had a backup of your important files/documents BEFORE this happened.

In this case (mostly for others who may see this thread), the "nuclear" option is the best path forward (full, clean install of Windows and legit applications).

Good luck. Closing this thread now.
Not open for further replies.