Question (PC Windows 10) Centre and Sub Woofer speakers work in test, but not for movies or games

May 31, 2019
Hi there. My motherboard died a few days ago. The replacement doesn't have the orange and black jacks for my rear, centre and sub woofer speakers. I got a tech guy from the shop to help me configure (using realtek) my pink and blue jack to compensate. When I test my speakers, they all work. However, when I play games or movies, only my stereo and sub-woofer speakers work. I tried 'speaker fill' under the enhancement tab in 'Speaker Properties' and now movies and audio files play out of all speakers, but games still revert to stereo and sub woofer.

Sorry if this has been asked before. Any help greatly appreciated!
Even if the audio driver lets you retask the jacks there aren't enough contacts in those two connectors to carry 5.1 channels.
Most they could do would be 4 (if the mic jack were stereo) and more likely it's configured for 2.1
The correct way to solve your problem is to use either an internal or external USB sound card to give you 5.1
May 31, 2019
Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply, you explained that really well. I'm very comfortable on computers, can normally work my way around problems, just never took the time to work out the hardware side of it, thus these sorts of issues really stump me. Which leads to my next question... I record voice overs, and in fact I have a sound card, a Scarlett 2i4. Is it possible to run my 5.1 speakers through that?

Thank you.
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