PC360 vs MMX300 Gaming Headsets


May 11, 2010
I am here to possibly get the final bit of information I am going to need in order to pull the trigger on either the PC360 or the MMX 300.

First of all I currently have the Sharkoon X-Static headphones. I have had them for approxamitley 2 years now and they have worked great for me. But, I am looking to make a jump into "higher end" headphones. I mostly play MMO games and some FPS while obviously using programs like Vent / Mumble ect as well.

Now I know that either of the two headsets will be miles ahead of my current ones ... but since both of them have a pretty large price tag I would like to make sure I pick out the best.

From what I have gathered there are both positive things and negative things when comparing the two but my main concern is having a headset that will A- Have amazing sound quality ... B-(VERY IMPORTANT)- Have a crystal clear mic since I tend to use it a lot for gaming but also a mic that doesn't pick up a lot of background noise ... C- Good comfort since I have it on all day ... D- A GOOD MIC !

I have read that the MMX 300's have superior audio but the PC360's have a better mic ... but I have also heard that the PC360's are just as good in terms of audio quality. There seem to be so many conflicting stories and reviews along with fanboys that it makes it hard for me to decide.

Mind you, I will most likely purchase the Mixamp pro as well - as soon as I do some more research regarding it (I have heard some negative reviews about it being faulty-so if you have info on that too please do share).

I know most of the answers are on forums but I guess it brings me some extra peace of mind if I were to get a direct answer from someone that has tested both headsets extensively on here.



Jan 17, 2013
Hi Acalvi,

What an exciting time! - making that step up from middle-range headsets to high-fidelity models is always fun :D! The only hard part is parting with that large a sum of money - but trust me, it'll pay off in dividends once you start appreciating the difference high-end headphones make.

I've tested both the PC360's and the MMX 300's (the mmx for longer) and can honestly say I'd default to the Beyerdynamics. Spec-wise, they're nearly identical, both with powerful drivers and solid build quality, but the mmx 300's do indeed have the better soundstage - more here. They The pc360's mic is heavy duty, but I find the MMX 300 to have better mid-range and bass response, and just seem to have more punch.

I'll admit sennheiser has the better mic, but the mmx's mic is still amazing, and the difference between the two is marginal and difficult to detect when gaming. If you want superior audio, go with the mmx 300, but if you want the superior mic (and still a solid mic), go with the sennheiser. The good thing is that they're both incredible headsets so you're gonna be happy either way :)

best of luck my friend

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