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  1. N

    Solved! Tv with dts support but home theatre does not support dts

    My tv has dts audio support, but the home theatre that I bought doesn't support dts. Will the home theatre system still play the audio of the movie I am watching?
  2. E

    Solved! Help! New to this stuff....

    Good day to you all. I have been thinking of getting into some semi professional audio equipment and I have some questions so I am here. I would greatly appreciate any help or guidance. I am a PC user who plays games and listens to all various genres of music, which files are mostly .mp3's at...
  3. T

    Connecting mixer to speaker to tv?

    I have no experience with using audio equipment. I'm trying to connect a Allen & Heath Zed 10Fx mixer with Harbinger Vari V2212 speakers. How do I use the right wires to connect all of this? Also how do I connect this to the TV?
  4. M

    Absolutely insane static when running games/listening/producing music through USB Audio Interface in new PC

    So over four years ago I bought an Alienware x51, it served me well for a very long time, I used it as my main production/gaming PC until like 2 days ago. I had my two Yamaha HS5s hooked up to a behringer Uphoria 404hd, and that, via USB connected to my PC. I still have that same setup, but a...
  5. M

    Solved! Realtek HD audio manager Headset mic not working

    I am using Razer kraken pro v2 and it has a 3.5mm jack but when ever I plug it in Realtek HD audio manager let me choose one option, mic or headphones. For audio splitters they work for me but my friend hear everything happens in my pc because of them , we play video games alot and it really...
  6. Intel Fanboy 772

    What audio interface should I buy for mic setup.

    Hello all, I am quite new to audio recording in general, but I had done some gaming videos before, I am planning to return to that and I want to have OK audio to start with. Generally I used to use audacity to record some noise and then use noise removal, because with gain all up mic is picking...
  7. J

    Connecting multiple inputs to one output

    I want to have multiple inputs feeding into one output. would this mixer work? The outputs in question are Xbox, ps4, PC and my phone. all of which are regular 3.5mm jacks. Behringer MX400 Micromix Low Noise 4 Channel Mono Line Mixer...
  8. C

    What is the ideal audio solution for me?

    So, my situation might be a little on the complicated side, as there is a lot i would like to accomplish using one setup. First and foremost, i want quality audio for gaming((listening to footsteps and gunshots))/listening to music. These are the two most frequent things i do on my computer at...
  9. C

    Best warm sounding amp under €300?

    Hello dear tom'sHardware users!! I am looking forward into buying a new amp. Since I am looking forward to use them with either the new Wharfedale Diamond 11.1 or the MA Bronze 2's (which should I pick) I would like the amp to provide warm sound, especially if I go with the Bronze 2's since they...
  10. C

    Best headset and Microphone combo for 200$

    Okay, so my Sennheiser Game One just stopped working yesterday, and I'm pretty upset about it, but i don't really have time to be upset, as i work from home and i need a good quality audio solution for my job. The mic quality and audio quality on the Game One was the best i had ever personally...
  11. C

    Which speaker to pick for under 400$?

    I am posting a similar thread like the other ones about the speaker choice yet again. This is because now I have more options and have a different choice. As of now I have come down to the choice of these three speakers: Wharfedale Diamond 225 (300 euro) Monitor audio Bronze 2 (350 euro) Dali...
  12. C

    Which amp should I buy for my speakers?

    Hello people of the tomshardware. I need some help to chose an amp for my Wharfedale DIamond 225 which I will be using on my PC. After seeing what's available to me I have come down to the SMLS SA-98, Q5 pro, FXaudio D802. A guy told me that the SA98 has the most power (60WPC at 8Ω), however he...
  13. C

    Solved! Best amplifier under 150$?

    Hello, I am looking forward to buy an amp for my Wharfedales Diamond 225 speakers. I am looking to spend no further than 150$. So far I have seen these amplifiers at this price range available to me: SMSL SA-98E FX Audio D802C SMSL Q5 PRO If I am correct, the SMSL SA-98E provides the most...
  14. P

    Is Dual Channel best for a Pro-Audio machine?

    Hey, Is dual channel configuration better than single channel for a DAW laptop? 1x 16GB vs 2x 8GB? Best, PS: Is there a reason for me to look into 32GB of RAM for my type of application?
  15. G

    Best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9)

    What's the best chip and socket for pro audio (Cubase 9) Am looking for real input..
  16. NewsFromHell

    Audio frequency check for 4000+ files

    Hello everyone, Recently I noticed that I have many old mp3's which are 30 kHz and I want to replace them with better ones, like convert from FLAC to mp3 48 kHz 320kbps. So is there any software that can analyse all my audio files and tell me which ones are lower than 41 kHz? like in a log file...
  17. J

    Need a 2 into 1 Digital Optical Audio "Joiner"

    I've been searching all over for an adapter or anything that can join together 2 separate optical audio channels into 1, single optical output. Both Channels must play simultaneously at the same time. I need this because I have an Audio Transceiver that broadcasts only one optical output to my...
  18. S

    Finding the Right Headset / Earbuds For Hip / Hop or Bass

    Hello, i recently ordered Beats Solo 2 for 80 dollars off of groupon. Yes I know what choice I made since they are always frowned upon, but I ordered them so I can really see what they sound like. If I were to return these, (which im 75% sure I will) i would like to get a good pair of headphones...
  19. cosmicbatz

    Sony Vegas Pro 11: After rendering video only audio plays?

    After I rendered my video in sony vegas, I went to watch it and the first few seconds are frames struggling to stay alive and then just my text and pictures that I put over the video. NONE of the clips in the movie play, only pictures I've edited over and sound. Can someone please help me? This...
  20. M

    hi lenovo y700 or the msi cx62 thx

    i want the decision or
  21. Hamda

    is the headamp pico DAC good? HI-FI

    hello, what is a better choice to a hi-fi system? i got this DAC: . is it good? or are there better ones with optical, coaxial, heaphone amps, more Hz.....? thats my system: Marantz pm-6003 amp with wharfedale diamond 10.1
  22. I

    pirated version of fl studio

    a while back i pirated fl studio (i know i know) and now i want to buy it legit. what i'm asking is if i buy it legit will it work like how it's supposed to since i have the cracked version on my pc? i hope i make sense and sorry for being a pirate. i just want to do things legit now that i have...
  23. S

    Best Amp to pair Pioneer sp bs22

    Hi so recently purchases the Pionner SP BS22 and now i am looking for a good amp to drive these speakers. Does anyone have a good suggestion for amp that i can find on the canadian amazon? Would the lepai LP2020a drive these speakers well or what is a better amp?
  24. S

    Powering speaker and a subwoofer without built in amp

    Hello there, I have this really nice set of bookshelf speakers that i was planning to power with a mini amp like the lepai 2020 etc however i have this AMAZING sounding subwoofer from a home theater that wasn't being using and i want to know how i can power the bookshelf and subwoofer with an...
  25. S

    Razer Kraken Pro Audio Quality Too Bad.

    My Razer Kraken Pro Audio Quality is kinda bad like when the bass drops it like breaks the audio or any loud noises.. :( Is this happening for my cheap USB External Audio Adapter? Its like very cheap 2$ do i need to buy a good one? please help me fast! :)
  26. S

    Razer Kraken Pro Sound&Mic Too Low.

    Hi guys i just wanted to know that why my razer kraken pro audio sound very low.. I have uninstalled Razer surround too help me! Its serious? Btw when tried the headset after opening the sound all good but after downloading razer surround it got the headset volume too low.. And i think the mic...
  27. DasHotShot

    DAC or Internal Soundcard to drive Pro Audio Headphones?

    Dear Experts, I am looking into acquiring a pair of Headphones along the line of Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO, AKG K 701. Sennheiser HD 598 (UPDATE: Ordered Beyer DT990 Pro) I use a Z77 Sabertooth Motherboard and have only the inbuilt audio card to serve me. If understood correctly, these high end...
  28. B

    Razer Kraken Pro audio sounds like its coming from a different direction

    Hi, my Razer Kraken Pro audio sounds like its coming from a different direction, like if i'm playing Counter strike and i hear a shot it will come from my back right, but it sounds like my left. It is really irritating, and I am open to any advice. This is my headset...
  29. J

    Sound System for a small bar/lounge

    I am opening a small bar and I need an affordable sound system. The space will be about 2000 Sq-Ft and maybe 2 zones. I won't have I DJ but I will need a source that I can plug laptops or mobile devices into for music. What are my options?
  30. D

    Alternative firmware for a Sony DSLR?

    Hi guys, I have an old DSLR camera lying around that I thought I would put to use. It is an SLT-A37 and is, overall, a good camera, the only problem is it doesn't have any manual adjustments for audio levels which is a huge disadvantage when recording video with an external mic. Has anyone...
  31. LongwayToFuture

    Solved! Professional Headphones best quality

    Hi im looking to buy Professional Headphones best quality for Video and Audio editing,and something for when i'm outdoor in the wild tu record wildlife on. any recommendation that will be great thank you..
  32. J

    Good Cheap Mixer for AT 2035?

    So I'm going to be purchasing the AT 2035 Microphone soon and I'm curious what would be a good cheap and easy mixer for this microphone? I do need it to have phantom power and connect via USB (unless thats obvious if so then forget I said that) I've also never once used a mixer so like I...
  33. J

    Should I be recording the long or wide way?

    So I make gameplay commentary and I was just wondering what would be the best way to set up my monitors and everything for recording? My room is 10'6"x12'6" And I've attached a screenshot below. On the left you can see a closet and basically right in the middle of the right wall, is a window...
  34. B

    razer kraken pro

    Im on a mac os x (if specifics are needed ask please) And i bought one a while back, mic never picked up finally got around to getting Razer to send another pair to me. STILL NOT WORKING? i have tried every combo of the cords and it just wont pick up in my devices/sound options. Im very...
  35. T

    Can I Connect Powered Speakers to a PC

    I want to connect my PC to some powered PA speakers, I was looking at the Peavey PVXp12 PA speakers and a Peavey PVXp 15" Sub. So what do I need to make these speakers work with a PC
  36. B

    Stick with PC363D or go with Headset Soundcard Combo

    I cant decide which headset to go with. I just purchased the Sennheiser PC363D and they sound pretty good but they definitely are lacking in the bass department. This really puts a hinder on the immersion for single player and music/movies. The software is also a joke. My question would be...
  37. S

    Audiophile Headphones for gaming

    I am looking for a gaming headset with good audio, when comes to gaming and a very good mic as a heavy player of high communication games such wow and battlefield and i would like to make sure i have good voice clarity, but i don't want to sacrifice the audio quality i'm not bothered when comes...
  38. DubStyle

    Buying New Studio Monitors - (audio people only please)

    So I produce bass heavy music and I only have 400$ to drop on some decent monitors that will help me get my mixes to that next level. First off I'm going to get all my requirements out of the way so i can get an accurate recommendation... - I don't know if i'd call it a small room but i will be...
  39. Y

    Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO(80ohms) vs Sennheiser HD 598

    Hey guys, i need to know which one is better?and if there are any better headphones it the same price or slightly more expensive, i'll use it for music+gaming, and i want to know if the headphones galaxy note 4 will benfiet from the headphones if not i will buy another headphones with a good...
  40. U

    Why can't I use my CUDA in the "renderer" menu in while creating a project in Adobe premiere pro cs6?

    i have a GTX 770 4GB graphics card, it's a new card so nothing should be wrong with it, and i have the latest driver downloaded through nVidia experience, so i must be able to choose the " Mercury Playback Engine GPU Acceleration (CUDA)" option, but the menu is greyed out, i can't even click it...
  41. C

    differences in pro amp vs car amp?

    Just wondering if there are any differences in pro audio amps and amps used in cars. can both be used for either application?
  42. G

    Audio Interface Recommendation

    . Hello again! and while I wait for some magic trick to happen on my other post, I'll just toss a new challenge here. Only this time, is the Audio Interface time. So here's what I need as minimum requirements: 1) External device. 2) 4ins and 2outs. Stereo Line Out is a must, but does it make...
  43. A

    amp for NS10's Auratones

    what is a good amplifier to run NS10's and auratone super 5cs?
  44. A

    Need more echo

    Hello, I need more echo in my system for singing and vocal, no music
  45. J

    No sound

    Hello, I must have deleted my sound card as I tried to fasten up my PC, I got no sound whatsoever, not even on Skype, what to do?
  46. R

    Behringer MX8000 signal leds

    Hello, I have a Behringer 8000mx that all of the incoming green signal lamps will just randomly flash. The original power supply died and I am using a 9000mx one. The power supply seems to be identical and the board is working fine except for this problem. I also have 1 solo lamp on one of the...
  47. S


  48. B

    Woofer popping sound

    Hello, I have a pair of JBL L100T speaker that sound great except that at high listening levels, one of the woofer will make a popping sound. What causes this to happen? The woofer cone appears to be in great shape with no signs of cone or surround damage. Does this indicate a problem with the...
  49. E

    Replacement piezo tweeters Behringer eurolive b215a

    Hi I need a replacement tweeter for the behringer b215a. If you have the part please let me know how much
  50. P

    Sound not working

    I have an ASUS Desktop PC CM1730 Series and my sound has suddenly stopped working. I have tried updating all my drivers and looked all around google for solutions and tried each one, but to no avail my audio is not working. I hear clicks in my headphones sometimes and when I press the mute...
  51. T

    Help me please!!

    Hello, my laptop is very old and when i try to play audio it says "no audio output device installed". how can i fix this? some sites said that i needan out put driver but i have no clue what they are alking about.
  52. EggyDevil

    No "fill speaker" option for surround sound, help!

    Hey guys, I've recently bought a Logitech x530 with 5.1 surround sound, but when i use it, it only plays the front left and right speak and leaves the other three speakers untouched. I've looked into it and apparently one must activate "fill speaker" for 5.1 surround sound, but when i go to the...
  53. W


    Hello, do you have 50 pcs or more Delta44 in stock now?I am from China ,we need to buy 50 -100pcs of Delta44 cards.please let me know if you can help.thanks.My email is
  54. T_larson911

    Front Speakers are Buzzing

    Hello. I have a problem with my audio setup. I am currently using a SB Audigy 2ZS with 5.1 Surround speaker setup. My 2 front(left and right) speakers had started making a buzzing sound when I play games for some reason. I've never had this problem before and had also not changed anything. I can...
  55. B

    Subwoofer recommendations

    I'm looking to add a subwoofer to my mid-fi stereo system. My budget is around $300 (i know, you get what you pay for) but I need something a little more than just low boomy bass! I see a Paradigm PS-1000 and a couple JBL powered subs in this range but not sure about either. I will be using this...
  56. H

    Amp powers up, but no output.

  57. C

    Audio playback

    Hello, I have Cubase 7 on Windows 8, and focusrite saffire 6 USB. I get midi playback but no audio playback. e.g when I audition the loops in the mediabay of cubase the midi loops play but the audio loops do not play, and when I record, the transport bar has activity but no sound can when I...
  58. J

    Public address amplifier circuit to drive 30 speakers 4-8 ohms 50-100watts each

    Could You help me, Please. Kindly indicate what PA AMplifier should be used to drive 30 speakers (10cm Dia) 4 - 8 Ohms 50 - 100 watts at a volume level:- normal speaking, classic music at moment. Also please outline how speakers should be in series/paralell. Thanks. Jean
  59. G

    Where is my sound??

    Hello, I have a sound on the Mother board but nothing coming out thru the speakers
  60. L

    HDMI audio from computer to amplifier

    Hi I am trying to set up my amplifier (a sony STR DH820) with my computer. I had it connected as a second screen, so it was passed the audio (7.1) and the video, but I didnt use the video. Then I got a actual second screen and now I can only have 2 screens (for annoying reason that you can...