Subwoofer recommendations


Oct 22, 2011
I'm looking to add a subwoofer to my mid-fi stereo system. My budget is around $300 (i know, you get what you pay for) but I need something a little more than just low boomy bass! I see a Paradigm PS-1000 and a couple JBL powered subs in this range but not sure about either. I will be using this for music only.

Any advice is appreciated.


Feb 8, 2013
I'll have to disagree with malice! The Paradigm is an incredible sub for the money. I happen to have an NHT sub(about$800) I used to be a Paradigm dealer and really lik the low end response it creates. Be sure to experiment with placement. In the end you will be greatly rewarded. try to avoid corners because they tend to amplify the lower frequencies. Usually about one third the distance in is a good starting place. If there is a selectable crosover on the unit try starting off around 125Hz. Yes 80Hz is THX but that will only do you good if everything is THX. Good Luck!
Feb 13, 2013
Disagree with what exactly? I didn't mention anything on the sub that this guy had in mind. But I just now looked at the specs of it and its 50Hz - 125Hz. What I did, was give common knowledge between woofers and sub (sub sonic) woofers. I hope he listens to you. Extra good luck
Generally a subwoofer operates up to between 50 -140 hz. Above 100hz it will become directional so a single sub tends to cause problems. Manufacturers run their subs too high because their small satellites don't go low enough to meet the sub and really need woofers not a sub woofer. This causes a suck out in the bass that a sub cannot fix.
The Paradigm is good. Most subs have a boomy quality caused by a design choice that makes the sub sound louder but really screws up the sound badly. With the PS-1000 you can use some foam to plug the port. This may offer tighter bass with more definition depending on the room.
If your room is not big a smaller speaker in the sub may be better. If your budget were higher a new Paradigm sub with their optional PBK room correction kit would be great.
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