Need a 2 into 1 Digital Optical Audio "Joiner"


Oct 22, 2016
I've been searching all over for an adapter or anything that can join together 2 separate optical audio channels into 1, single optical output. Both Channels must play simultaneously at the same time. I need this because I have an Audio Transceiver that broadcasts only one optical output to my Headset, but I need to be able to operate both my desktop and xbox/tv at the same time. Particularly, I would like to access my desktop music library or skype calls simultaneously as I use my gaming consoles.

After looking for a while online all I can find are splitters, 1 into 2 identical outputs, which I dont need, and switches, that only switch between outputs but does not merge them. Ideally I would like something just like my car stereo auxilary setup, where I have adapters that merge both my ipod and those of my friends (both ipods play simultaneously, merged).

I would really appreciate any help, thank you.