Perfect All in one Headphones

Oct 16, 2018
Hey, does anyone know a good pair of headphones which are good for gaming with 7.1 sound, compatible with both PC & PS4 and also good audio quality for Music? My budget is upto £350.


You could look into the Cloud range of headsets from Kingston. I would rather advise you stick to stereo headsets since 7.1 surround headsets if powered through a USB are virtually upmixed to produce surround. If you want analog support and true surround sound, you could look into Razer's Timat headset but once you move to a smart phone, you're only going to get stereo.

So if anything, surround is possible on PC, on smart phone/PS4, it's stereo.

It's as real as the air we breath.

Peter Martin

Oct 9, 2014
hey, a moderator here posted this in a thread today, great list....

from experience, the best sounding headphones I have ever owned are AKG K702

they are OPEN backed, so, everyone can hear how awesome they are when you crank your sound system (DAC or whatever you use), then they will all hate you... lol.
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