Performance problems with new Laptop's disk

Feb 26, 2018
Hello guys! I have a problem with my laptop and I would like to get some help. I bought this laptop about 3 months ago, the model is HP Pavilion Power 15-cb001la.

  • ■Its processor is an Intel Core i5-7300HQ
    ■8 GB RAM
    ■GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card
    ■ HGST HSTX721010A9E630 Hard Drive
Since the first moment I started using it, I noticed some "weird" things.

In general, it takes a lot of time to boot and to launch any program. This was ok for me since I knew the lack of an SSD would be like that. For example, there were some other things, for example, when I press the windows key, it delays one or two seconds to display the menu, and If I want to write something on the search bar it also delays to show what I wrote on it. I know that this may sound like I'm too touchy, but it is awful to have no feedback from the computer, sometimes I don't really know if it's loading or not, and I don't really think this is an exhaustive task for the hardware.

Some other times when I turn it on, all the animations just don't work fluently (like the windows menu again). When this happens, even using chrome is bad, because every time I scroll through the page there's a delay on it too, and even videos on youtube look laggy. The thing is it only happens sometimes, and I don't know why.

After that, I realized the task manager frequently shows a 96-100% disk usage for a long period of time. I've already tried some other solutions for this like disabling Windows Search, SuperFetch, Antivirus, etc. but I don't really think it has worked. It always shows a different random process consuming about 60% of the disc.

So these are the questions I have in mind: Is there any hardware/software problem with my laptop? If it is, how can I know what's happening? Is there a way to solve it? Is the disk damaged? Or maybe that's all I can expect from this model, and it's just a shitty setup xD. I have no idea of what's happening with this thing, and it's driving me crazy, so please, if you have any idea help me!
Thanks for reading!


sounds like there is an issue with the hard drive. I suggest running a program like
it's free and can tell you the health of the drive. If it is only 3 months old, you may need to talk to HP about a warranty repair.
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