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  1. M

    Laptop's HDD not working and not showing

    Hi im using Lenovo legion y720 Recently ,the laptop was making a weird noise ,it was just getting louder and louder,I didn't mind it though.(I thought it was the fans hitting something) But today it finally stopped! But when i fired up my laptop it doesnt show the HDD although the ssd was...
  2. D

    My dell laptop goes to sleep mode automatically

    My laptop goes to sleep mode after getting heated.And in the taskbar,disk usage is always 100%.What can be the solution for it?
  3. E

    Solved! Performance problems with new Laptop's disk

    Hello guys! I have a problem with my laptop and I would like to get some help. I bought this laptop about 3 months ago, the model is HP Pavilion Power 15-cb001la. ■Its processor is an Intel Core i5-7300HQ ■8 GB RAM ■GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card ■ HGST HSTX721010A9E630 Hard Drive Since the...
  4. I

    Freezing PC with 100% Disk Usage Spikes **READ ALL**

    Please help and read it all!!! :( I am having an issue with my Asus Aspire 3 2017 laptop, here are the specifications: AMD A-Series Dual-Core Processor A9-9420 3 GHz (Up to 3.6GHz) , 6GB DDR4 Memory, 1TB 5400RPM SATA Hard Drive, AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. This occurred right after my PC shut off...
  5. A

    Laptop randomly freezes and disk usage goes 100%

    My Laptop randomly freezes while browsing net, using VLC etc. When it freezes, the video stops at the frame, and i can't launch anything like task manager or explorer, but the cursor moves. If i open task manager before hand and then check it when the system freezes, then i find that my hard...
  6. C

    Non-system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when ready

    Hi, I have a HP Compaq 6720s, BIOS version f.08, I already have installed Parrot OS Linux, but I wanted to dual boot it with Windows XP. After making a bootable USB with Windows XP, booting my laptop and selecting selecting to boot from USB, the screen shows something like "Intializing and...
  7. K

    Start up error message S3A8925D007 (C:)

    On start up the disk error appears. Seems to trigger a Windows Live Mail problem now. S3A8925D007 (C:)
  8. W

    Dell Inspiron 7520 repairing disk error loop

    My laptop was working fine a day ago. Haven't had any problems with it at all. I turn it on yesterday and I just get a black screen. It wasn't going past post mode. It Started diagnosing the problem and then took me to the advanced options page saying it could not repair the problem. I shut down...
  9. G

    Asus A9rp not entering BIOS

    Hello ! So a friend a mine has an old laptop Asus A9rp (Intel Celeron, 512 mb ram ) and he asked me to reinstall windows xp because it gets a bsod (UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME) after the windows loads up. When i try to enter bios at asus logo before booting nothing happens, i tried all "f" keys...
  10. I

    non system disk or disk error

    I have an hp laptop, pretty old, got it about 3 years ago, and when i turn it on it gives me an option of f9= boot device menu or f10=Rom based setup and neither seem to work, when i wait 10 seconds without clicking anything, it says non system disk or disk error, replace and strike any key when...
  11. K

    Stuck in disk error repair

    Start up is stuck on 'Windows is trying to repair disk errors' I have a Dell insprion laptop, runs windows 10. What can I do ? Should I try to go into bios or setup and how ?
  12. L

    acer aspire 5760 laptop no bootable device insert boot disk error. Please help

    My daughter was watching YouTube when her laptop crashed and bow says no bootable device
  13. Anna Marchetti

    Hard Disk Drive Read/Write Testing Application

    So I've got a few drives, probably bad, but I'm not 100% sure. I want to do better than just a chkdsk by having a utility that writes data and then tests the disk by trying to read it back and verifying that the data is still valid and free of errors. I've been Googling around and all I can see...
  14. K

    Hard Drive Issues, Trying to Create Boot workaround

    I am having several issues. My computer froze and shut off while playing a game, and when I powered down and tried to power back on, the computer loads to the windows symbol, then hangs on a black screen. This screen persists and I can do nothing. I then tried to access the recovery and...
  15. M

    acer disk error

    so my acer was working just fine until I got it backfrom a roommate and when I tried to turn it on is had said disk read error press ctrl alt del and I did it many times but to no avail, then I pressed F2 for setup boot or what not and now I says nothing but a black blank screen and will not...
  16. L

    Lenovo unknown problems

    My lenovo latop which is almost 2 yrs old occasionally gives me a boot disk error when starting up, it also makes a strange clicking sound when its booting up or when I'm gaming. Can somebody please help me sort this problem out?
  17. B

    laptop wont boot

    Windows 8 won't boot & won't boot from CD, keep getting disk error message (CTL.alt..Del. to restart) but will not do anything more?!
  18. A

    have a gateway laptop and keep getting a repairing disk message...for the last three days..can't even get to start menu...woul

    Stuck on screen saying repairing disk error...can't get to start menu..and don't want to loose files...what can I do
  19. MorrowindExplorer

    My Dell Inspiron 8500 Does not read Burned certain DVD+R but reads other ones????

    My Dell inspiron does not read burnt certain dvd+r and the ones it does read say error Cycle redundancy check and the DVD+R were all burned the same day and they came from the same package. it also does it with some of my old Windows 98 games.
  20. D

    boot up error

    When i turn on the laptop it gives a black screen that says non-system disk or disk error it has never popped up before just used it earlier today left for a few hours and came back and turned it on and this is what I got
  21. K

    Laptop is very slow.

    I've a laptop Acer Aspire v3 551G It has: ram: 6gb DDR3 processor: AMD a6-4400M 2,70 GHz Since yesterday my laptop very slow, I was getting hard disk errors, I thought it was a virus so reinstalled the OS(Windows 8 64x) which took 4 hours to get installed. And still have the same problem even...
  22. L

    New ENVY Laptop 100% Disk Freezing

    I just recently purchased a HP ENVY Laptop, Windows 8.1 64-bit Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ CPU @ 2.40GHz NVIDIA GeForce GT 740M 8GB While playing games such as EvE online, Terraria, and Starbound my laptop will "freeze" up for .5 - 3 mins then self recovers. I started monitoring the task...
  23. W

    Non System Disk or disk error

    I have a problem this huge problem. After cleaning (format) my HP Compaq 610, hadr. Drive, I struggled to let my Notebook to boot from the Cd/dvd drive to reinstal Windows 7 back on my notebook hard drive. When I Switch on the notebook a black screen apears with the message" non system disk or...
  24. R

    SMART disk error

    It was useful though there is no fix or solution given. I have sony vaio with window 7. This morning when I started my laptop,in the Beginning itself I got a error msg "smart disk error press any key to continue" I press the key and system got started properly though took little more time. I...
  25. A

    Gateway Netbook Disk Error Occurred

    Please help me. I'm so upset right now. I dropped by Gateway LT4010u that I've had since December and now it won't work. It says "A disk read error occurred. Press Ctrl Alt Del to restart." Of course when I do that it keeps going back to screen. It doesn't have an option to boot in safe mode...
  26. etorfiend

    photoshop initializing prob

    I'm getting the following when I try to bring up Photoshop 5 - "could not initialize photoshop because the file has been damaged by a disk error." Searched internet/this site and found no reference to this error (there were a few similarly-worded errors, all solved by hitting shift while...
  27. R

    Hp laptops boot problems 6910p

    got laptop from a friend 6910p hp laptop will go to Non-System disk or disk error raybourdon@hotmail.com
  28. R

    A read disk error occurred windows xp

    Hello, a read disk error occurred press ctl alt del bios list starts then 'pressF2 for set up' cannot press F on rebooting . nor F5 nor win logo =R for start. running winxppro
  29. R

    A read disk error occurred windows xp

    Hello, a read disk error occurred press ctl alt del bios list starts then 'pressF2 for set up' cannot press F on rebooting . nor F5 nor win logo =R for start. running winxppro
  30. L

    Where can I buy recovery disks for apire one netbook

    the disks Imade where destroyed I am unable to access recovery on the comp and I get no bootable disk error. I need a setof recovery disks to redo the comp where can I buy them.
  31. S

    Boot disk error

    Hello, I have a acer aspire I keep getting a "No bootable devic-- insert boot disk and press and key" of course there is no boot disk when I purchased this computer..
  32. J

    Acer aspire shows insert boot disk error

    what can i do keeps saying insert boot disk and i have no disk drive
  33. G

    Disk error acer laptop

    Hello, Hello,my laptop has suddenly decided to give me a lovely error message of "A disc read error occurred Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart...no problem, but guess what it just keeps on repeating the message! I cannot get pass the 'black' what I know as the 'dos screen. Can anyone throw any light...
  34. J

    San disk error code 0x80010108

    error code appears when put into computer
  35. T

    Free toshiba recovery cd download l305-s5903

    i need a recovery cd for my toshiba...it saying disk error....where can i download a free copy???
  36. Griffolion

    Solved! Non System Disk Error in cousins laptop

    Hello all, My cousin turned her laptop on the other day to find that it reported a non-system disk error. It instructed to remove the non system disk and strike any key to continue. Now this error usually comes about when the BIOS can't find the boot sector files for the Operating System...
  37. R

    Read disk error occurred

    Hello, Today i tried to start up my laptop (Windows Vista), but it said a disk read error occured, press ctrl+alt+delete to reboot. Now, i don't know much about computers, but already took a reboot-disk from my old laptop, and copied all to my external harddisk, because my laptop has no...
  38. N

    Non-System disk or disk error

    I'm badly and urgently in need of help. I just "sanitized" the hard disk of my HP Compaq 6720s laptop and now I can't boot up. The process starts and after "initiating and establishing link", it says "PXE-61: Media test failure, check cable", PXE-MOF: exiting Intel boot agent" then it goes to...
  39. O

    Problem in Saving Word File

    When I'm trying to save the word file, it gives me an error message saying that unrecoverable disk error. Here's the message I get "There is an unrecoverable disk error on file ~WRL0004 The disk you are working on has a media problem that prevents Word from using it. Try the following: * Try...