News Philips Hue’s entry into the home security space is a bright idea — here’s why

Apple Jackson

Jan 26, 2014
I started my smart home journey with Phillips Hue bulbs and Google Home speakers. At the time, both were arguably the best in each of their fields, certainly so with the Hue bulbs (despite the fact that they were unable to produce the color blue until the second generation 🤦‍♂️). Now, both companies have fallen so far behind (Phillips just moving soooo sllloooowwww that everyone else blew right by--their app was overshadowed almost out the gate by 3rd party replacements providing almost comically more functionality to their products to the point where I doubt they'd still be a name in the smart home field if not for 3rd parties like Hue Essentials--and Google seeming to fall straight off a cliff once Sergey and Larry left, every single move Google's made since has been the wrong one. Like, disasterously wrong) that most of my Hue bulbs and the one little shred of light strip I mortgaged a house for are collecting dust outside of a socket in favor of Govee (who seemingly release a new top-of-the-line-at-below-average-price-must-have product every day) because their colors, features and value are literally unbeatable right now, and the only interaction worth having with a google speaker or display is to occasionally set a timer because they'll probably get anything else you ask it wrong (I waste more time telling those things how stupid they are....) and I'm hoping my upcoming foray into Home Assistant and it's developing voice controls will allow me to ditch those clunkers too. Wish I hadn't bought into either company at the start and they've completely destroyed my trust in them at this point. They'd both have to pull something miraculous out of their hats to get me to purchase another one of their products at this point.

"Hey Google, ring my Galaxy S23 Ultra"
"I found a few devices, would you like me to ring your Galaxy Note 8?"
"How are you this stupid?"
"I'm sorry, I can make mistakes sometimes. You can leave feedback." *conversation ends*
"I found a few devices, would you like me to ring your Galaxy Note 8?"
"Would you like me to ring your Galaxy S23 Ultra?"