Philips LED's audio not coming out on Home Theatre


Mar 14, 2017
Hi! I have a Philips TV 43PFG5501/77 and my brother in law just gave me his home theatre HTS3450, also Philips. I used the toskin cable to try to watch netflix and enjoy the 5.1 sistem but the audio didn't come out. I then tried with the RCA cable and nothing. Finally I tried with the HDMI cable and still no audio. Everywhere I read says to change the audio output settings to HDMI, even on the tv's manual, but that option is not on the menu. Android TV is updated so I don't know what's going on. I tried to activate EasyLink but I get an error like "can't turn EasyLink on if the TV speakers are on". The DVD's radio works fine and I can listen on all 5.1. I tried changing the source of the DVD to TV, Aux, and DI, and I simply don't get any audio.

Any suggestions? Philips Customer Care didn't seem to help much and ended up hanging up. Thanks a lot!
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