Question Phone problems

Jul 4, 2023
Good morning

I have two problems :
- I have a phone, the Galaxy note 3 which does not turn on normally, it tells me Download, do not turn off target! Can you help me find a solution to make my phone turn on normally?

I have another phone that won't turn on, the screen was broken so I fixed the screen with a new one but it still won't turn on.
when I wanted to fix it, I put a part in wrong, the internal speaker and I broke the fingerprint recognizer so I didn't put it in. So I wonder if it is because of these two parts that my phone does not start.


Jun 24, 2023
Hello @nayaay Hope you are well, I have readied your message and for Galaxy note 3 I think that if you want to resolve this problem you should try to Force Restart your mobile, remove battery, clear cache and on last you just factory reset you mobile and then check if it works or not.