Question Pioneer elite vsx-lx302 problems

Jan 4, 2020
I have a Samsung un65ks8000 tv with pioneer elite vsx-lx302 Receiver. Two hours ago I turned the TV and receiver on as usual. No sound! I get no sound thru the Blu-ray player, no sound thru dish box, no sound thru Bluetooth paired device.
i have not changed anything in regards to the setup.
  1. ARC connected to TV and receiver in corresponding plugs
  2. HDMI from Dish to the TV connector hub (1)
  3. BD from player to PC/DVI (2)
Have never been able to get TV to work by doing what receiver manual says:
1) TV ARC (4) HDMI In - to - HDMI out ARC on the receiver
2) HDMI from Dish to HDMI in (1) on receiver
I always get onscreen message of power not turned on on designated component,
i.e Dish box not turned on. But, it is on. I have Atlantic Technology surround system and the sub power indicator, (now, currently) remains amber vs. green for receiving audio signal.
I do not have a clue what is happening here. Any ideas would be ”very“ helpful. Receiver, since we first purchased it, always had a relay click sporadically during operation. It would randomly power on within approximately 5 seconds after power off. Also, recently when I would adjust the volume, I would hear the speakers in front clicking at low volume corresponding to each press of the volume button (up volume) on remote.

will provide any necessary info if needed.
Thank you all,
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Jan 4, 2020
If the BT devices are paired with the receiver than the problem is there. If not then try the AM/FM tuner in the receiver. You may need an antenna for that.
Also check the receiver set up menu to see if it still has all the settings you made originally.


Bluetooth paired OK, no sound
BLURAY no sound
Dish receiver no sound
sound from Samsung TV= OK
AM/FM = sound
I used the microphone and set surround speakers, etc. again...still no signal passing thru to the subwoofer (indicator light remains amber= no signal detected vs. green=signal received
NO digital signal is being processed(at least that is what it appears to me). I am a retired sonar technician with advanced electronics and 2M in the Navy. I am not sure how to troubleshoot when I have ZERO test equipment for this. It does have and always has had the unusual power relay click when in operation and the occasional power up after being turned off.
Could this be a bad relay? Receiver was only $550 bucks and not really worth the aggravation it is inflicting upon But, now I am consumed with this.
Thoughts would be welcomed and again, thank you.