Question Pioneer Vintage Stereo

Jun 17, 2019
Upgrading my old Pioneer Hi-Fi system. Have purchased a Pioneer A717 amp. Looking at upgrading the CD player and wondered if a Pioneer PD9300 player would work well with the A717 amp?

And what cassette would people advise?

It will work but an ancient CD player won't have much life left in it and won't sound nearly as good as a modern CD player. Digital audio tech has progressed vastly since 1989.
Marantz and Cambridge Audio have some decent modestly priced CD players. Any DVD/BD player that has analog audio outputs would be another option.
Your choice of new cassette decks is pretty limited. I think Teac/Tascam has some decent models still available but most anything else you find will be pretty low end.
If you want to get a used cassette get one that has had all the rubber parts recently replaced that will be more likely to last a while. Getting parts for some decks can be a big problem.
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