PlayStation 5 Rumors: What We Know So Far

Dec 6, 2018
I wrote this long explanation and wasn't logged in so it erased my comment, basically the notion that the PS4 pro is the first time Sony has done a half update is incorrect. PS one, PS2 slim (multiple iterations), biggest change was PS3 slim, and PS4 slim and now PS4 Pro. Each slim version has architectural changes to it as well as other changes that affect interactive abilities. PS one had a new interface, PS2 Slim had no internal HD but had a built in NIC, PS3 went from 65nm to 45nm and new HDMI tech in it as well as other things, PS4 pro went to 4k and upgraded the hardware slightly for that. PSone was released months before PS2 Slim started being released 2 years prior to ps3 and PS3 slim was 1 year before the PS4. I think they are backing out of e3 2019, will show up in e3 2020 with PS5 and a new hand held system, maybe even offering streaming from your house to your hand held over 4G/5G network on your cell plan or wifi of course. With both being on sale for black friday in November and ready for Christmas 2020. Provided Microsoft doesn't do this as well in 2020 Sony could pick up more market share than they currently hold.