Please for my sanity;s sake help me disable this battery beep.


Jan 29, 2012

I bought an HP Envy M6-1188ca last week and its great. However, when it reaches low battery it makes this unbearable beeping noise EVERY 30 SECONDS UNTIL YOU PLUG IT IN. I've looked up online how to disable it and i've gone into my themes muted my battery notifications and I've also gone into my power setting and changed them so that the low battery notification SHOULD be disabled. It is not. and I cannot take it anymore, please please someone help me, I dont know if there would be an option in my bios or something I'm not exactly experienced with this menu and I really cannot deal with this noise anymore. I WILL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL


Oct 27, 2012
Simply you cannot,it has to do with the power settings of the battery and the alarm setup in the Bios of the laptop board, there may be a setting in the bios, but there may be another bios password setup to enter the admin section of the bios to change the settings by HP to set when the alarm condition is set on the remaining power left in the battery.
It should be set like that so you don't loose any data you were working on or so the OS does not become corrupted making sure all data is saved safely to the HD and a clean shutdown of windows is done. To be honest at home just use the laptop with the power adapter plugged in with long usage, and if on the move limit the usage of the laptop each session if only using the laptop, or carry the charge unit around with you in a laptop case with the laptop. That is what most people would do.