Please help me decide - Keep or Return?

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Apr 30, 2009
Recently, I decided I was going to get a smaller, more portable (but still capable) work laptop (HVAC design).

I have been using a Toshiba Satellite P75-A7200 for 3 years. Its been fine, but its huge.

I had decided on something like a Surface Pro 4 or a 2-in-1. The idea of being able to have a touch screen, and to have it closer to my face without a keyboard in my sternum sounded nice.

However... When I went to actually purchase one, the guy trying to help me continued falling short.

Long story short is that I didn't want to spend more than $900 out the door. And they sold me a $1399.00 laptop for $849 out the door.

Samsung ATIV Book 9 Pro - NP940Z5L-X01US
I7 - 6700HQ
15.6" LED UHD 4K Touchscreen
8GB RAM (Not upgradeable)

So I leave feeling like I've gotten a great deal, and maybe I did. But I still feel like I went and bought something that didn't fit my requirements.f

-- Keyboard that doesn't fold out of the way (maybe I'm being ridiculous about that part).
-- 4K screen, yes, it'd be nice to look at. Except that the software I use for work doesn't spit my pdf reports out correctly due to the scaling issue
-- 8GB RAM that's not upgradeable. I've never owned a laptop that I could upgrade at least the RAM in, but maybe 8GB is sufficient. I'd be in the same boat with a Surface Pro I guess.
-- No Stylus/Pen for precision screen tapping (I realize I never mentioned this part, another Surface Pro idea.

I think I'm just looking for peoples opinions of what they would do. Is this worth what I paid? To the point I should keep it.
Or try to find something else and take it back knowing that I will not be able to get this laptop, for this price again?

I honestly appreciate your thoughts. Thank you in advance!


Jun 6, 2016
I think that's a great deal on the laptop and I think you should keep it for what your has great reviews the screen is fantastic and 850 iso a pretty good price for a laptop of that caliber...the stylus/pen you can get on ebay for around 5 dollars or more depending on the quality of the product and also 8gbs of ram is plenty right now alot of people still have 8gb..but in my opinion is think you should keep it as its a good laptop but if your unhappy with it bring it back btw yoy could also game on it if you wanted to :)


Jun 27, 2015
Honestly, it's a heck of a price for that machine. But if you don't like it, you don't like it. Getting a good deal on it doesn't fix the problems you have with it. But you should definitely go and try out some other models before returning it. Until you get your hands on one, you won't know if you'll have issues with them as well.

Still, at that price it does seem like a shame to let it get away. If you know anyone interested in a nice laptop you could see if they'd be interested in buying it from you.

Let me get this straight: You got a $550 discount on a brand-new $1,400 laptop?? I'd be more worried about what exactly is wrong with this Samsung to justify this umm... generosity. I'm positively flabbergasted.

So, you basically left your home to buy a 12.3" Surface Pro and somehow managed to return home with a 15.6" Samsung?

An 8GB i7 Surface Pro costs the same as the Samsung (the not-generous version), but comes in much smaller frame. I guess you could return the Samsung and see if Microsoft is willing to cut you a similar deal.

Still flabbergasted,
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