Please help with my TV


Sep 1, 2017
Hi. Today my TV LG 47LW57 turned off on its own while i was watching it, i tried to turn it back on with no avail although the power light(red) is on. No picture or sound whatsoever can be seen or heard. After researching, i saw that Capacitors might likely be the cause so i opened the back of the tv to be sure. On opening i inspected all the capacitors and non seem blown or swollen and immediately noticed that something was BLOWN, the area around it is black from smoke, i know this because i touched it. It is not a capacitor as it is not cylindrical, rather *it* is kind of round and flat on both sides also blue in color. I do not know the name of that. Please i need help with the name and possibly the easiest way to get that fixed. Thanks Jeff