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  1. RoyalKem

    Question HP G3 450 Not changing possible short

    Hello and good day My laptop is a hp g3 450, it was plugged in and charging some moments ago until my cat chewed on the AC adapter wire ( the DC part) and there was a little spark and the laptop went off, I quickly unplugged it as soon as it went off. So far I plugged in my spare charger...
  2. Walid_bb

    Question Dell Latitude E5570 shuts down automatically?

    Hi everyone, My laptop shuts down on its own whenever I play a demanding game, at first I thought it was a heat relating issue, so I bought a cooling table (silly I know), but it kinda prevented some of the random shutdowns while gaming, the temp goes up to 87° - 96° I'm going to repast the CPU...
  3. A

    Question ThinkPad T410 - 255% battery available on Ac, and "Unknown remaining" on battery, "incorrect battery voltage" on vantage. Question / Problem

    Hi, one day ago i opened my t410 to clean the fan and the laptop it, and just out of curiosity i took the yellow power jack out and found that it has a broken red wire, i thought i had accidently broken the wire so i soldered it back and after i booted it the windows battery indicator was...
  4. dipudangol

    why my laptop keyboard not working properly and on such event on removing power chord laptop shutting down immediately?

    I have a dell 5359 and its nearly 3 years old. Recently I am having problem which is often while charging, my keyboard stops working properly. The problem with the keyboard is that I can not type the same key consecutively but on non consecutive key stroke it works fine and on such events if i...
  5. B

    Laptop got fried

    My laptop was on charging and then i think there was a short circuit in it, some smoke was coming out, Its not turning on now, can i fix it or atleast get my data back?
  6. M

    Laptop won't turn display on after disassembly

    I Have Acer Aspire E14 laptop with Nvidia GPU i have a strange experience with my laptop, whenever after i disassemble it and power it on. it wont turn on the display. just a blinking light bulb indicator. I know my laptop very well cleaned it and disassemble it many times with no problems...
  7. C

    Laptop LCD screen replacement

    Hello as i opened my laptop to find s/n of my broken lcd, my screwdriver did a short circuit in the pin connector (iaptop was powered on) and laptop shut down immediately. After this, laptop switched on normally and is working properly with the external monitor like used to but after the short...
  8. I

    Dead laptop, may be shorted

    Hello all, I own a Lenovo Legion Y520 that I've had for about 10 months now. Everything was fine and dandy until I fell asleep one night and woke up the next day to a dead charger. Thinking nothing of it, I ordered a replacement with the correct output (20v, 6.5a, 135w). The day it arrived I...
  9. G

    ASUS N56V8 crashed and wont boot up, but takes a charge.

    I have an ASUS N56V that I've had for about 5 years now and I use it while I'm on the go for gaming and 3D renders with Blender. Recently as I was executing a render the laptop crashed and hasn't successfully booted up since. The curious thing is that it takes a charge and the charging...
  10. K

    Solved! Just a short circuit?

    I got my computer wet.
  11. S

    My Asus X553Ma is dead due to Usb Short Circuit

    Hello my Asus X553MA has died because i shorted my usb 3.0 port the thing is it shorted 3 times ckntinuesly i was trying to flash a phone which needed some usb points to be shorted and first time it shorted and cam back up 2 nd time too but third time it was not turning onn i disassemled and...
  12. G

    Solved! lenovo z50 70 not turning on

    when I plug in AC supply to lenovo z50-70 laptop the charging led turned on but after I press power button it turned off and the whole laptop never turned on again. laptop was kept in shelf for last 2 weeks. I just disassemble and remove dust since there were lot of dust...... Its not...
  13. G

    Bad Power Supply Problem

    My laptop power supply kicked the bucket, it just randomly stopped charging. I went to Amazon and bought a new cord for my Dell Inspiron 15-3531 from AC Doctor INC. The cord supposedly was for my laptop. When the cord arrived i plugged it in and heard several loud beeps from my laptop then the...
  14. gamerabei

    ASUS ROG G750JM possible short-circuit in motherboard. Help and guidance required.

    Hi guys! I was cleaning my laptop fans and dusting the insides. I distinctly remember disconnecting the charger(it doesn't have a battery attached) and then going about my business but, then when I reinserted the charger and switched on the power button, it didn't turn on. I can't see how it...
  15. J

    Please help with my TV

    Hi. Today my TV LG 47LW57 turned off on its own while i was watching it, i tried to turn it back on with no avail although the power light(red) is on. No picture or sound whatsoever can be seen or heard. After researching, i saw that Capacitors might likely be the cause so i opened the back of...
  16. N

    I need to get access to my phone's internal storage without turning it on!!!

    Hi I'm Ben. My phone's motherboard has been damaged due to a short circuit. It even gets hot while it's been charged. It now can't be turned on and I've bought a new phone but there's a lot of study materials, farewell pics & a lot essential documents in my earlier damaged OPPO NEO 5. Can you...
  17. A

    Lenovo E10-30 affected by a short circuit

    Hello I want to ask about the damage to my laptop. My laptop is a Lenovo IdeaPad E10-30. The laptop can not live even when the AC adapter is plugged in. Please help.
  18. M

    Inspiron 14R 5437 Loose metal inside?

    A guy gave me his Laptop to save his data and reformat the drive because he tried to restore the system but it failed and the lap was in a loop of BSoD. So i went ahead and took the drive out conect it to my pc , saved all his data in my drive and then i was ready to put it back inside the lap...
  19. C

    I thnk I shorted my laptop

    I dropped my laptop in the bath (silly mistake), so obviously I put it straight into a tray of rice as quickly as humanly possible. After a few days in rice and about 3 weeks in the airer, I can't get it to behave. When I press the power button, the power light comes on, but nothing else...
  20. E

    Dell XPS M1210 won't boot after processor upgrade

    Hi folks! I've got a Dell XPS M120 with the Intel T2300E processor (1.6 GHz). Because it got slower over the years I decided to upgrade a few things. I upgraded the RAM which now consists of two 2GB units. Next I bought an SSD. Finally I wanted more processing power so I bought the Intel T7400...
  21. F

    Laptop motherboard short circuit

    Good day! It's my second post about same crazy Asus UX52VS sucking my blood for a week now,, Accidentally i touched the 2 points with screw driver on motherboard as shown in picture and after this the laptop is completely DEAD,. I hope some one may help me out pointing to the right part that me...
  22. J

    Display backlight trouble

    Hi guys, A few days ago I replaced my display because the old one was cracked. I did it in hurry and I forgot unplug the battery. When I tried connect the display, between the display connector and the cable was a spark. Since that the backlighting doesn't work. I replaced the cable from...
  23. J

    *How To Find Point Of Hardware Failure For Laptop?*

    I have an old Asus G73JH gaming laptop (around 5 years old now) that hasn't worked for awhile now. Just got back into SWTOR and want a laptop to play it on so I can play on the go but don't have a ton of money (gotta love weddings) so I want to resurrect the old girl. I have a decent theory...
  24. Ef125

    Short-Circuit on touchpad board (I think)

    Hello, my laptop shut down recently and failed to boot. when i plugged it i had the light but as soon as i pressed power button, light disappeared, and i didnt get any response from the laptop. light goes back on approx. 5 sec after i press the power button. assuming the problem was the psu, as...
  25. G

    Asus N550 power problems

    Hello My Asus N550 laptop will not switch on. It was shut off at night and disconnected from the mains and the next day would not switch on, completely dead. I have tried the battery and charger with a friends identical laptop and they function normally and his battery and charger with mine but...
  26. ff1esta

    Laptop is dead- possible short circuit .Help!

    Hello I have a laptop from a friend that won´t turn on. Completly dead.A few months ago i switched the power jack, because of a broken inside pin. Now i dissassemble the board,check all soldering and all semms normal. Check condutivity with multimeter ,and was ok. Check power suplly,and was...
  27. F

    lenovo thinkpad e40 .(POWER/PCH CORE POWER 1.05v )output circuit short

    Output Impedance only 39 ohms. is this short circuit? pls help me...
  28. K

    Motherboard shorting out

    Hello guys, When removing the usb ports from the motherboard on my Acer 5532, I messed up and now the ground and power points are connected, so when I try to turn on the computer, it creates a short circuit and turns off. After I removed the ports, I used a drill to clean the solder from the...
  29. A

    my hp tx1003au not on with power without power with battery even another adopter some says short circuit in mother board which

    32 bit amd processor ram 2gb motherboardhptx1003au
  30. N

    Alienware M17XR3 Troubleshooting

    Hello everyone, I've been in a bit of a sticky situation for a while now with my laptop. Here's the scoop. A few weeks ago my I was playing Watch Dogs on my laptop and after about 5 minutes it just shut off on me. It had a short circuit. The charger would shut off immediately after plugging it...
  31. R

    Inspiron 15r 5010 short circuit, will not power ON!

    Hi fellow community members. I have a 15r laptop that has left me a little confused, so I was hoping some of the forum members may be able to shed some light on the issue for me. The laptop simply fails to boot up. The battery is totally dead due to the laptop short circuting everytime I plug...
  32. G

    Laptop got wet, did I lose my HDD???

    Please help me, my laptop got wet, water poured through the keyboard while it was on and I was away from it, I heard the laptop shorting so I unplugged it from the power adapter. :(. As expected the mobo shorted, but did my HDD short along with it? :??: The HDD is located below the mobo and it...
  33. F

    Studio Monitor Help

    So I bought some Presonus Eris E8s and they've been doing great for the few months I've owned them, but today when I was watching a movie on them the speaker on my right just died. There was no pops or snaps it just powered off and it won't turn back on. Is there anything I can do to fix it or...
  34. S

    Toshiba Satellite A300 no power

    Hello! I have a 5 years-old Toshiba Satellite A300-15A and after trying to open it so as to reach the fan and clean it, I messed with the screen ribbon-cable and 2 pins were bent. However, the notebook gave signal to an external monitor, which was a good sign till then. Meanwhile, the...
  35. J

    Will short circuitng an av receiver blow the fuses

    Hello, Please help!!! My Teac AG-D8250 receiver has power but no sound. Will a short circuit have caused the fuses to blow first before any transistors or resistors?
  36. Q

    Broken Laptop Advice needed

    Hello, I'm in a pretty tough situation. I had a laptop (Acer ), and i had an Arduino connected to it with usb. Somehow the arduino caused a short circuit (or at least I think it was the Arduino that caused it), which broke my arduino (a part of it literally melted away). And my laptop was...
  37. xrayangiodoc

    Solved! HP n5420L with internal short circuit

    Hello, My sister asked me to check out a HP n5420L notebook. When I got it home nad plugged in the power adapter the power LED on the adapter went from steady on to a flicker every 2 seconds or so. The adapter seems to have normal voltage output at no load and powers a 12 volt automotive bulb...
  38. G

    Mic fault

    Hello, I bought a this mic(feilo cr1-4) from china and the fierst time I used it gave me this sound which seemed like a short circuit was taking place inside the Mic. What could be wrong? Please help
  39. B

    NAD C300 - blown fuses, possible speaker cable short circuit

    Hi, Recently, I was setting up my NAD C300 when it suddenly started distorting its output as I tried to increase volume slightly. I was not increasing the volume by very much at all and had previously run the amp at much higher volume in the past so was shocked when it sounded like I had blown...
  40. G

    Just FSB tweaking

    I have a Asus A7V133 and a duron 800. I don't want to unlock the processor, because of some bad experience (I short-circuit my proc. due accidently connecting L1-bridges with each other). Question: Can a locked processor also be overclocked by just setting the FSB higher. In my case 8*125 or...