Question Please help!


Dec 23, 2017
Hey guys. So I'm having a bit of trouble with my C and D keys. Obviously I've just typed them out but trust me, a lot of the time they don't work without rapidly pressing them both together. I have to do this constantly to get them back working, and even then they'll go again in a minute or two. So annoying.

My feeling is that it's nothing to do with the keyboard itself because, as I said, they're not permanently broken. This happened about a month ago and it briefly went back to normal. When it did go back to normal, it was after an automatic repair thing that my laptop did one day when I restarted it. The screen was black for about an hour but it worked.

My question is, how do I force that automatic repair? I've tried holding down and pressing F8 when it boots up but I can't get into safe mode. I know I've given a tonne of information here, but it's all useful right!

Additional info. I have a Dell and it's Windows 10.